Thursday, January 22, 2009

My New Trick and Miracle Balls

I'm 29 weeks today! Since my belly has been growing drastically I thought I would try balancing my glass of ice water on my enormous stomach. My first try Brett was trying to take a picture and I started laughing. For all of you that have had pregnant bellies before, you know when you laugh your entire belly bounces. The cup went flying! You can see the water on my shirt from my first attempt. I got the hang of it on the second try.

Miracle Balls!!
Throughout my pregnancy the baby has been sitting directly on my sciatic nerve. This nerve has been sending shooting pain down my right leg and up my back. Most of the time Brett can find this point and push really hard to relieve some of the pain. Brett's mom found these amazing "Blue Balls" as we call them at Costco. They are the BEST thing for my back! Lynn was so great and came home with a set for me one day! I use them almost nightly to relieve my back pain. Anyone else who is pregnant with a throbbing back, do yourself a favor and go get some Miracle Balls!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

25-26-27 Weeks and Counting!

26 Weeks- My new Christmas dress from Brett!

27 Weeks- Tea loves Mommies Belly :)

Crafting with my Cricket!
Brett's sister Brittany showed me a while back how to use freezer paper and my Cricket to make fun custom clothes. I thought I would make some onzies for my little guy, the twins and our friends who just had a baby ("lil nix" onzies is for Nixon). They turned out so dang cute. I want to make more so lets have a craft night! Who is in?

Latest addition to the Skousen family!
This is our sweet little Bronco. My parents just got Tea a cute little friend about a 1 1/2 ago. They installed a doggie door that Tea is still getting used to but Bronco is in and out going potty like a big boy. He is smart (as all Dachshunds are)! Isn't he so freakin' cute!!