Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Livin "THE" Life

For lack of a better word, I am Happy! In fact the happiest I have ever been. The mommy life is "THE" life to live. Any other moms want to second that? I never knew how much I would enjoy nurturing his little life day and night. I just spent the last hour lying in bed with my sweet Steele staring at his every move. His face twitches with excitement as he dreams and his little noises are near the most enjoyable thing I've heard. Next we are going to have a bath! He loves his bath with Mommy but wishes his Daddy was home to give him a shower. Showers with Brett are is absolute favorite! We then will take an hour to pack up all the odds and ends will we need and get ready for our day out! A stack of diapers, change of clothes, extra socks, jammies (just in case we are out late), bink, extra bink, blanket, extra blanket, 4-5 burp clothes (he soaks them every feeding), car seat, leash for Tea and we are off. I’ve got the routine down.

Sarah McGiven's Mom Joeen Hill was nice enough to take some great pictures for us. These were taken back at 3 weeks but I've just been wrapped us doing other things. They turned out so adorable.
This is my favorite of the bunch!

This picture makes me laugh because he looks like an old man. HA!

Brett Thomas Brady
BYU Graduate 2009
Civil Engineering
We are so proud of our Daddy! He has worked so hard and long for this. His finals were the week after Steele was born. He stuck it out and made it to the end. We love you!
Waiting for the commencement to end!
Family Support! Thank you for coming.
We had a little get together BBQ for Brett. These are a lot of his friends who came to support. We have a lot of really great people in our lives. Thank you to everyone who came!
My sister's dog Toby is so fascinated by Steele. We make him keep his distance because he loves to lick him. He tries to get as close as he can before we catch him. He really is a good dog and would never hurt a fly.

Grandma and Grandpa Gubler came from St. George to visit. He will learn to love them very much!

Steele's first swim was very exciting. He loves his bath so I decided to take him swimming in Grandma White's pool. The water is 87 degrees so it was nice and warm for him. Check out his cute swim suit.

My first Mother's Day!
Shane and Truly blessed their twin girls on Mother's day. They are just a few months older than their cousin Steele. I didn't get a picture of it but at one point he was holding hands with both of them.
What a little stud!
Grandma Stauffer is very comfortable, can you tell?
My little man
I adore this picture! I love that Steele looks up to his dad.
Steele has such a strong neck! He also is starting to really smile and even laugh. Can you tell he loves tummy time?