Wednesday, April 25, 2012

sunny easter sunday

{ward easter egg hunt}

 {beloved sister varney}

{easter morning}

{church goin' folk}

{the hunt}

Saturday, April 14, 2012

my steeley wheeley turns three!

i haven't been in the mood for editing pictures lately.
kind of just liking raw natural pictures right now.
not sure if it's laziness or that i purely like the freshness of it.
that said, here is steele's third birthday celebration...
first was a little friend get-together.
we had all the neighborhood and a few friends celebrate with us.
sorry i didn't get pictures of everyone who was there.
we loved seeing everyone and having steele get to be with all his friends.

 we played some fun easter games.

steele decided months ago that he wanted a 'captain america' birthday party.
i tried to find captain america stuff but couldn't.
we went to zurkers and still couldn't find anything. 
then we walked past the 4th of July section and steele went nuts!
he just kept picking up everything with a flag and saying 
"look it's a captain america flag!! oh mom look! it's captain american cups!!"
he was so excited to get a few things for his party.

{the invite}

 {nothing more american that coke...}

 {the food}
steele just kept saying he wanted chicken so i went with a pasta bar...with chicken:).

{this sums up gift opening. complete chaos!}
we practiced what to say when someone gives you a gift for days.
we would wrap one of his toys up in his blanket and he or i would
"open" the gift and pretend to be so surprised.
i always emphasized how important it is to say thank you. 
so funny how much you have to do to get a kid to understand manners ha!

what a day!
it was just perfect for steele.
he got to play outside most of the day
and be 'captain america' at his party.

my heart just can't take that he is three.
he is already changing and becoming a TOTAL hand full.
but that is an entirely different post.
for now i will just say that i love my steeley wheeley more than anything!
he is my best little friend and has such a sweet heart.
my favorite thing he says lately is
"mom, guess what?.................(whispered with a smirk and shoulders shrugged) i love you."
usually followed with a kiss.
melts my heart.

love you steeley!!