Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One HaPPy liTtLe FaMILy

This post is dedicated to pictures. I have unloaded and unloaded my memory card on my camera countless times. I LOVE being a mom and don't want a single moment to go by with out a memory! I enjoy every day with Steele and don't want this time to go by too quickly but it already is. It is the most fulfilling time of my entire life. I have so much love for my little boy and never knew how close it would bring Brett and I. We are one HAPPY little family!
This was the first night home. Wide eyed boy...well he is trying to keep his eyes open. Isn't he tan?! (and no it's not from the billy bed). Man he makes Brett and I look like we haven't seen the sun in months...oh wait, we haven't!

Our first night home was supposed to be a memorable first night but instead he had to be in this stupid billy bed for his jaundice! We tried to make his bed as comfortable as possible. This was by far the hardest part of everything I had to go through, harder than labor! Seeing him in this little "tanning bed" with his goggles on brought both Brett and I to tears several times. He couldn't be swaddled and he hated the goggles. He was such a good boy and only squirmed when he was in it. He couldn't sleep and neither could we. It's a GOOD thing he is all done with the dang bed! His levels have gone way down so NO more billy bed!

Steele is now 2 1/2 weeks! He is such a dream baby and a great eater. At his 2 week appointment on Monday he weighed a whopping 9lb8oz (was 8lb5oz when he was born). He never lost any weight at his 1 week visit which the Dr was very excited about. Most babies loose 10% of their birth-weight but not this guy. He is a BIG boy! He is so much more alert now. He has a super strong neck and does very well with tummy time.

Steele's Room (Sorry for the delay. It's been done for quite some time)

This is Tea meeting her little brother for the first time. She stayed at my parents while we were in the hospital. The last time she saw me I was in a lot of pain (in labor) so she was very anxious the entire time we were gone. She knew something was wrong and couldn't sleep. What a great little dog she is. She loves Steele and loves to snuggle with him.

Thank you for all the flowers (Bill & Lynn, Brittany and Shelf Reliance)! They brought such life into our little condo. Beautiful!

Steele's first bath at home went very well. He didn't love the water at first but was a good sport.


First time Grandpa turned 50 just days after Steele was born. Steele took on my Dad's name James as his middle name.Happy Birthday pops!

Mommy and Steele's first time out was for Grandpa's b-day bash.

Proud new cousins! They are so good with him.

Good sleeper!

Proud new Aunts (Jennifer and Heidi).
Uncle Teddy
Sleeping with Daddy

Sleeping with Mommy

Rough night for Tea:)

Rough first night for Dad too:( He just wanted to get him out of his billy bed and hold him every time he started squirming.

Just days old

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Here!

Steele James Brady

I can't describe with words how awesome this past week has been. Our dear sweet Steele has been amazing! The little guy is doing great and I can't believe he is already here. What a miracle this entire experience has been. (More pictures to come from this past week at home.)
Name: Steele James Brady
Birthday: Saturday, April 4th
Time: 2:41 am
Weight: 8 lb. 5 oz.
Length: 22" (I know, right?)
Body Features: HUGE hands and LONG arms (Brett's Grandpa Brady's hands and arms), Brett's lips, my chin and eyes (I think they might be brown though), Brett's nose, and I think he might have dimples (can't tell but I can barely see them sometimes).
Hair: More than I thought and brown
Temperament: Outstanding! He is the worlds best baby (my mom keeps saying "Just wait....").
Why the name Steele?: Brett is big into Skiing and has several ski videos. There is an amazing skier named Steele Spence. He suggested it to me and we loved it. We have had his name chosen since day one.
Labor & Delivery: I started having consistent strong contractions on Friday morning at 8am. They intensified throughout the day but I didn't want to get sent home. We finally went in after 5 hours of contractions 5 minutes apart. We went into labor and delivery at 5:30 pm and when I arrived I was 100% effaced and dilated to a 3. 45 minutes later they checked me again and I was a 5. I was admitted at 6:30 pm and was a 6 by the time I got my epidural. Everything was so amazing! I don’t know how else to describe it. I was so calm and just wanted to enjoy every minute. I progressed a cm an hour and then did "rest and descend" for two hours. I pushed for 35 minutes (wasn't bad) and he arrived at 2:41 full of life. Brett was great and helped me all along the way. Dr. Weibell delivered him because Dr. Judd took the weekend off. I was worried but he turned out to be a great Doctor. Our nurses made our stay at the hospital outstanding and we really didn't want to leave!
Health: All of his tests came back great except for his Billy Rubin (aka Jaundice). He was higher than they like to see so they gave us this little tanning bed thing for him to lay in at home called a Billy Bed. It has been the hardest part of all! He has to be in it all the time except for eating. He has to be only in his diaper and has to wear these sad little goggles. It makes my heart break every time he has to go in :( The good news is that the pediatrician said he could be all done on Tuesday. We never want to see that bed again! Thank goodness he is all better!

Getting my epidural! The IV hurt worse I promise.
2:00 am just before he arrived.

Welcome to the world Steele. Check out his hand!!! The first thing I heard Brett say was "He has HUGE hands!".

Hello Daddy

Hello Mommy

Dr. Weibell

Our FAVORITE nurse Ana. She made our experience so memorable. She helped Brett through all the first time Dad stuff and me through delivery and recovery. We loved her!

Proud New MOM!

Beaming New DAD!