Thursday, January 21, 2016

lunch with the littles

This belly buddy of mine is growing like crazy. I feel rather large for 24 weeks + 3 days. Yes, every day counts. I'm trying to keep us busy and stay distracted. May seems incredibly far away and sometimes it can be easy for me to get discouraged. Mostly because my due date seems far but being able to have our own baby seems even further. Thank goodness I have a very supportive family I am carrying for. I am very open and honest with Anastasia and I am grateful for her love and compassion. She sent me flowers last week when I was feeling extra down and throwing up a lot. Her mom also brings me dinner quite often, which really lightens load. I have been much more sick than I was with pregnancies and I'm hoping it will ease up at any time! 

Perry and I went to lunch today with my sister, Jenn and her boys. Perry was killing me with her cuteness. She wanted me to tie my skirt up with a hair tie just like hers, 80's style. Then she wanted to wear some sunnies just like Mommy. She has so much personality, I love spending all day with her.