Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tenny's Mission to Mexico

We are so proud of Tennison for deciding to service the Lord on a full time mission in Mexico. He will be missed by the whole Brady family and especially Hayley. This first pic is at his farewell on Sunday and the second is last night when Hayley came home after saying all of her goodbyes. She was pretty down as you can imagine, so Lynn bought her an ice cream cake and we all comforted her. His Mom and sister made her a dating kit that included a hair crimper, brownish red lipstick and nail polish, rainbow hair pony tail holder, purple spa slippers with creepy crawlies coming up between the toes and some really bad smelling perfume. It all came in a hideous pink furry purse. Hayley got a real kick out of it as we all did. Chels put the lipstick on and as you can see TJ was a little frightened to receive a kiss!

We wish Tennison the best and will keep him in our prayers! Love you Tenny!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Fun

I don't know why we always put Tea in the pool because she hates it. I think it is sooo funny watching her swim. She has the shortest legs and she looks like a seal.

Lovable Bentley!

Carrie and Josh invited us out on their boat to go wake boarding. Bentley looks like a little stud in his life jacket.

Sunday Pics

Sudays are always so relaxing and a great day to be with the family. This was Father's Day and as you can see my dad is totally pooped! Brett and I both love our Fathers and appreciate their examples in our lives. Love you both!

Hayley Graduates!

Contrats Hayley. You made it and you never have to go back. You should be so proud of yourself. Now you are headed off to Hawaii! You will have so much fun and be tanner than you ever dreamed of. Love you!

Brittany, Hallie and Maddi came up from AZ to be with Hayley for graduation and for a fun get away. Hallie is so adorable I had to post these cute pics of her!

A Few Fun Birthdays

Happy Birthday Jennifer! She has turned the ripe old age of 24. Crazy how fast time goes by. Just yesterday we were both going to elementary school riding our bikes with our sack lunches and stretch pants (yes I do own a pair now, ha ha) Love you Jennifer!

Chels is always saying she is older than me but we all know that we are the same age! She turned the big 22 on June 4th. She alway puts a smile on everyones face and loves to love. Happy Birthday Chelsey!


This was the best time to be in Moab! It was not too hot and we had great company. Ted and Karly Turner invited us camping down in Moab. It was a blast hiking, sitting by the camp fire and eating tin foil dinners. Karly taught me how to make a tin foil banana split. Thought I would share how.

Tin Foil Banana Split

1 Banana for each person
Chocolate Chips
Mini Marshmallows
Ready to use Carmel
1'x1' Tin Foil for each banana

Use a sharp paring knife to slice an opening in the banana length wise. Keep the peel on the banana. Slowly pull open the banana and stuff with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Squeeze a line of carmel down the center of the opening. Close banana and wrap with tin foil. Place in coals of the fire for 5-10 min. Careful when removing from fire; foil will be extremely hot! Let cool until foil is touchable. Use a spoon to scoop out the gooey center of your Banana Split!

My New Best Friend

This dog was a Great Pyrenees and he was HUGE! He was the most friendly dog ever. He kept coming over to our camp site and I would scratch his belly. I loved him!

We hiked to Balancing Rock and Delicate Arch. Jimmy Winterton and Alex Grow came with us for the day and we all enjoyed the beautiful red rocks.

This is Dead Horse Point. It was like a miniature Grand Canyon. It was beautiful but you know me and heights. I was so nervous near the edge! It really was a great trip! Thanks for inviting us Ted and Karly!

TEA is TWO!!!!
May 18th our little girl turned TWO! She is such a sweet Pouchez Nouchez (I don't know where we got that from). I made her a cake out of tostada shells, peanut butter and dog food! I know sick right!!! She loved it but was a little apprehensive once the candles were lit. We invited Jennifer and Jordan's dog Toby. I was a great little party.