Monday, September 28, 2009

How Do You Keep Up?

I need some advice. Do you ever feel like you just can't keep up? Keeping up with the demands of life, baby, husband, family, church calling and house gives me serious anxiety. I'm not working any more and I thought my new ambiance in life would be much less hectic. Some how I'm more busy. I find that I constantly beat my self up for all the small things I can never get done. I was talking to Brett’s Mom about becoming more task oriented and started plotting what my goals for this week would be. As I started to list all the tasks I wanted to accomplish this week I began to feel anxious. I started to think how disappointed in myself I would be if I couldn't get to everything on my to-do list and I know when that happens I just feel hopeless. This is where I need advice. Do you go day to day getting done what you can and if that means getting nothing done it’s ok, or do you have to get certain things accomplished or you go a little mad?

Out on the Lake makes Steele's Day!

Sitting like a BIG boy!

Oh- I never gave Steele's 4 month appointment Stats. Better late than never:)

17 lb 11 oz (110%)
27 1/2 in long (100%)
The Dr. told me I needed to start solids back at 4 months because he is growing so fast. Steele now eats- green beans, carrots, squash, blueberries, avocado, apple sauce. Next I'm going to give him asparagus. Who knew they could eat so many things!
Tuckered out after a long day on the boat

I love this picture!
Now that Steele is eating food, he and Tea
are now both eyeing us down for a bite to eat!

Ask anyone. I'm not a fan of thumb sucking and from the day Steele was born he NEVER sucked his thumb so I thought I was in luck. At about 4 months he started sucking on all his fingers and hand. I paid no attention to it until one day he found his thumb. I thought it was cute for a day then realized he was finding it regularly. It was always his left thumb so I knew he was making a habit out of it. I started pulling it out every second. He still takes his bink so I tried to replace his thumb with that. No success. Every night he spits his binky out and immediately finds his thumb. What can I do? I think he is just stubborn like his Dad and does it just because I don't want him to. I have thought it out and here are the pros and cons to thumb sucking.

He can pacify himself
No getting up in the night
If I forget his binky it's ok
If his binky falls on the ground it's ok

Cute as a baby- not so cute as a toddler
I can't give him his thumb- he has to give it to himself
Buck teeth if he doesn't stop
You can take a binky away when the time comes- you can't cut their hand off
Talking with their thumb in- hate that

I have been told both horror stories about trying to get a toddler to stop sucking and have been told to relax and worry about it when the time comes. I'm sure he will turn out just fine with his thumb and all but I'm just a stress basket about it. What do you think?