Monday, November 15, 2010


{sneak peak of our fall family pictures....}
this fall has been a memorable one! there is something about the leaves, soup and bread, pumpkin carving and time with family that makes the fall months some of the most nostalgic of the year. it brings me right back to when i would be so excited to carve pumpkins for family night. on halloween night my mom would make "stoup" and we'd brave the cold to collect our teeth rotting pile of candy. we would separate our candy into groups of assortments; suckers, candy bar minis/large/king size, fruity get the point. we would all savor our candy and only eat one piece a day (i think that was more my mom's rule). i even remember one year my candy lasted until the next halloween. haha. we then would go visit our uncle jonny in provo and show him our costumes. we always loved making his night.

now i am making new traditions with my family. we go over to my parents and show them our costumes. then we head over to the brady's and we ALL are dressed up. we are a big family so it makes it so fun! it is one of the best parts of being part of the brady family. there doesn't seem to be anyone who is a poor sport. we always take a group picture and there seems to be a million cameras we have to smile through. bill makes hot cyder and we have soup and play games. i was bummed our cake contest didn't continue this year. the boys know they'd get their butts kicked again so they wouldn't agree to more humiliation. they still claim they won.

the holiday season is at our door step now. thanksgiving is only ten days away! i love my family and the fun memories i have made and the future memories to be made.

here are a few fun pictures from our fall happenings

{yarn wreath}
my neighbor showed me how to do this fun and really easy yarn wreath.
it adds a little fall to my pantry door.
{nikki- the brown felt turned out cute, right?}

{a little something for the table}
 i used two "b" book ends as a napkin holder and
filled a corked jug with black eyed peas
 {anthro uses them in their displays, so i stole the idea}

{painting my pumpkin}
i've never painted my pumpkin before so i thought why not.
it didn't turn out as good as i hoped but i still love the color.
{and you can totally tell in my face that i'm starting to NOT feel good....blah!}
 my little bro ryan carved a sweet ninja turtle in his. can you see it?!

{hee haw farms}
on halloween day we went to hee haws with brett's fam.
we went at the perfect time because we had about 2 hours then
when it was time to go the down porr started. it was a blast!

{the slide}
this was the absolute best attraction for the kids.
especially lindsey and steele!!! they could NOT get enough
of this thing. linny kept saying "again again" in her adorable voice.
they they wanted to go by themselves. the picture don't really show
how big this slide is. and with the gunny sacks they fly down it!

this gives you a better idea of how big the slide is.
listen closely to linny after. they really did love it!!

{halloween night}
brett and i were pirates and my steeley was
appropriately "the man of steel" ha ha

 this was the only picture i got of steele in his cute skeleton pj's.
ashton and linny have some too but are adorable in pink.
somehow ash didn't make it in the picture. i think all the kids
were hyped up on sugar! how cute would it have been of
all three of them? they would have looked like triplets!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Privacy Notice

I know this is a dreaded post for us all. I have been meaning to go private since Steele was born. Brett and I (especially Brett) know the dangers of putting private information online for the whole world to see. Honestly I know my followers are all good friends, family and some random blogging acquaintances. I am even fine with random readers. I am an open book in real life so I figure why not be in the blogging world? But there is a reason not be an open book in the blogging world. Because creepy neighbor Steve learning all the likes and dislikes of your one year old son, is a perfect reason. I don't really have a creepy neighbor named Steve, but it's a possible scenario and it's time for me to stop taking that chance.

I know it's just a switch of a button, but promise you'll still come see me? I know I get lazy at times and click on a friend who is private and the log-in screen comes up and I just go to someone else. I know a few of you have "pre-blogs" and I have been meaning to find all of the new links and add them but have forgotten to do that too. That leads me to my next topic; "pre-blogs". Those of you who do use them, do you find it annoying to update two blogs and manage them both? I know it's simple but to get it all set up and working seem to be a pain.

Thank you for all your love and support in your comments. I have many friends to be grateful for and want you all to know your compassionate words mean the world to me.

Hope to get emails from ALL of you. Please include your email even if you think I have it already. I really don't care if I don't know you either. As long as you have a blog and I can see that you're normal and your name isn't Steve....haha.

I didn't this for you Brett. MWA!