Friday, July 30, 2010

summer event overload

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truthfully, i am not sure where to begin.
i haven't been able to keep up with my own life.
let's just begin and you'll see why i've been missing for the past month.
{my goal is to have 1-2 pictures per event...... we'll see}

girls trip 2010, new port beach ca

hayley's bridals were taken on beautiful newport beach.
of course we all had to be there so we made a fun girls trip out of it.
as i said in my last post it was my first trip away from steele
but so worth it. we all rocked it out kidless. we except for hallie. but
she's one of the big girls at heart.
{beautiful bride hayley}

this was the first girls trip my sis in law truly was able to go on.
we all loved having her there with us!
she had the lucky privilege of sleeping with me.....
i've always known i'm kind of crazy sleeper but i felt so bad for making her
completely sleep deprived! i slept on her stomach the first night and
kept calling her honey. the next night i put a pillow
between us in hopes of keeping me on my side of the bed.
but no, i wrapped my legs around her the entire night long.
another night i had a night terror and was kneeling
straight up in bed, flailing my arms in the air yelling profanities!

wow, i felt so bad.
sorry everyone and especially truly!
i will sleep on the floor the next girls trip.

{truly and i at newport beach}

{mother of the bride/ my second mom}

disneyland was so much fun with all the girls.
it was my birthday so i got to wear a pin that announced my
celebration to everyone passing me by.
i could not believe how many time i was wished a
happy birthday. it just made me smile.

i love how candid this picture is.
hallie was my little buddy at the beach.
there is something incredible about the beach.
so soothing and peaceful.

next was our anniversary.
5 years feels remarkable

july 4, 2010
stadium of fire

{this picture is typical brett and emily}

provo parade on center street

this was steele's first parade.
you could tell he was timid but loved the excitement!
we had an amazing spot thanks to shane and truly.
my family even got to tag along.

i got a glimpse of what it would be like to have triplets......
fun but exhausting. a few weeks latter i watched
the triplets {the twins and steele} and hallie and madi.
5 kids under the age of 5. wow.

i couldn't help but post how adorable these
cupcakes turned out. my sis in law chels is awesome at baking
and i helped her make these beautiful petal cupcakes
for hayley's bridal shower. to die for right?!
they're actually marshmallows cut at a diagnal and
dipped in colored sugar. the sugar only adheres to the 
inside of the marshmallows because it's sticky. get it?
the arranging of the mallows is
time consuming but what an amazing result!

also, oreo sunflowers!

{the B.I.G. day}
i can't even start typing this without laughing.
the following picture is hayley and eric walking out of the temple.
yes. hayley full on fell as she through her arms in the air with
excitement. i have never laughed so hard in my life.
it is so hayley to fall like this. i wish i had video. it was classic.

GQ here comes steele brady
{the wedding was beautiful. simply beautiful. fun. bright and completely hayley}

brittany naef {sister of the bride} was the full on wedding planner for this wedding. she is amazing and her vision turned out beautiful. she is one of the most amazing florists and lucky for anyone planning a wedding she has her own floral design business. 
check her out here.

pool partay

best part of the night!!! jumping in the pool. i've wanted to do this at each of the 3 weddings we have had at grandma white's house. it took some serious convincing but we got everyone to jump in {well except for the few party poopers... you know who you are.}

{girls camp, 2010}
mutual dell, american fork canyon

the morning after the wedding i left for girls camp.
with only a few hours of sleep i made up to girls camp.
i grew up going to shalom, so this was a new experience for me.

i love my young women and had an exhausting amount of fun with them!
fitting in with the young women isn't really difficult for me.
the problem is that i feel like i'm still their age.
it is an amazing being around such strong young women.

bear lake, 2010
the morning i arrived home from camp we left for bear lake.
i know people. i've been running around preparing food, packing
ice chests and suit cases. laundry has been put off for much to long.
all the while trying to stay sane.

we had so much fun with the morris's, mcgiven's, wilde's and marshall's.
scrumptious food, beautiful scenery and welcoming fun company
make for a great get away!

everything in this post has been within the past month!
i feel like staying home for a while.
everything we've been up to has been so fun
but extremely draining. i just can't catch up.
we leave for powell next week! 
i enjoy being together as a family and love
seeing steele discover new places and people.

we live a good live to say the least!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

can't get enough

i can't get enough of the 60's look.
this look is a little over done but
i love the vintage flare it gives to a photo.

i also can't get enough of the little nugget in the photos.
i went on a girls trip last weekend {pics to come...}
and it was the first time i was away from steele. 

the hardest day for me surprisingly was disneyland.
when i saw mickey mouse i broke into full on tears.
i put my sunglasses on and pretended it wasn't happening.

then that night during the fire works they
played the song from dumbo about mother's
and babies and i lost it once again.

i know i know. i'm a total nutso to say the
 least but now i realize how nuts. i didn't even want
to stop for potty breaks on the drive home.
 well only for the 4 year old in the car..... 

i missed him to say the least....
but still managed to have a total blast with my
second family, my sisters/mother in-law and niece.  

when i returned home somehow my little boy started
talking! i can't even count how many new words he learned in
those 5 days. here are the ones i can think of, including the
ones he's learned since i've been home.

thank you
{anything that's hot he blows on to cool what ever it is off}
all done

the talking is so fun! every stage has just
gotten better and better. 

but hey, who couldn't get enough of this adorable boy?! 

{taken the day i left for cali}
now do you see why it was so hard for me to leave him?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

my manniversary

ingnore the cheesy title of this post and
just realize that we've been married
amazing years. five years people. that's
a very long time. but each year has
brought us both so much happiness.

year one:
emily working at rc willey
emily getting amazing discounts for the new house
living with grandma white for 3 months
brett going to school and working
become first time home owners of a little condo
emily begging brett to have a baby with her

year two:
emily on her knees begging brett to have a baby
tea becomes the baby in the family
lots of work
lots of play

year three:
pebble beach, ca/ mexican riviera cruise
IVF trip to cali
success and pregnant

year four:
steele joins our family
brett graduates
summer adventures with the new one
san diego, ca

year five:
coming soon!
much much more adventures
cross our fingers for another round of IVF

brett is my very best friend. ask any of brett's
siblings and they'll tell you he's a solid,
down to earth kind of guy. ask anyone in
my family, they'll tell you he's a brother 
to them and feel like he fits right in.
ask my mom or dad and they'll tell you he's
their favorite...or at least brett would hope so.

brett has made my life complete.
full of joy and happiness that i never
knew i could feel. he grounds me in the
 gospel and helps me be a better person.

brett is one of the hardest honest workers i know.
he is always willing to help my dad in the yard,
do the dishes, and pick up after he has
already worked a long day. he continues
to support our family, love our family and treat
 me better than anyone could.

my dad got lucky with brett. he was able
to give his daughter's hand to someone who
he would never have to be concerned about.
i know my parents have peace of mind
knowing that brett is my companion.

i love you brett. and know you love me.

happy five!