Thursday, November 27, 2008

tHanKfuL For EveRy MomEnt oF EveRy dAy!

I'm half way to the end, or should I say to the beginning of a new life! I am feeling him move more and more. Today I want to express my gratitude for such a healthy little boy! We had a ruff week since our 20 week appointment last Thursday. I'll start from the beginning.

When we did IVF to get pregnant we had to do a procedure called ICSI. We were told there was a very small risk with ICSI that the fetus could have some kind of birth defect. We knew we were supposed to precede so with a lot of prayer we did. My entire pregnancy has been perfect. All of my ultra sounds were great and everything was going smooth. At our 20 week appointment they did a full exam of his brain, spine, umbilical cord and heart. He was so active and was moving like crazy. My placenta is running along the surface of my belly so the ultrasound tech said I don't feel him near as much as he is moving. He had his hands up by his face the entire time. We saw him sucking and she said "he is just thirsty". Crazy he drinks when he is thirsty!! I love this fun stage of development. He is weighing well over the normal weight and I am measuring almost a week early! It doesn't necessarily mean I'll deliver early, it just means we are having a very big BOY! He should weight about 8-9 oz. at 20 weeks. He weighed 15 oz!! That was the good news. She then told us not to get stressed but he has little spot on his heart called an EIF. This spot is common in Down Syndrome babies. She kept reassuring us that she didn't want us to panic because it could be nothing. She explained that the spot is just a small sign and he could still be perfectly healthy. She referred us to a Perinatologist and Genetics Councilor at Utah Valley. They would do a more detailed ultrasound and then would make the suggestion of getting an Amnio. Our appointment was scheduled for this Tuesday.

I think he will be a thumb sucker, or at least fingers.

(Below) The spot on his heart. An EIF is a calcification on the wall of one of the chambers in his heart.

Our appointment was with Dr. Julie Gainer at Utah Valley. She checked for all sorts of other signs. She said ultrasounds are the least accurate way to diagnose Down Syndrome. The only way to know for sure would be an Amnio. The Genetics Counselor said there is 1 in 500 chance that the Amnio would lead to my water breaking and a miscarriage. I know to most a 1 in 500 chance is so low but for me he might as well have said 1 in 1. After everything we have done to get this sweet baby I couldn't take the chance of loosing him. We opted not do the Amnio and get some blood work done instead.

Last night, Wednesday, Dr. Gainer called to tell us the results of the blood test. Brett and I were both thrilled to hear the new of our little one having a 1 in 9,100 chance of being Downs. She said the highest she has ever seen a test come back the baby did have Downs was 1 in 160. She said we really should not have to do the Amnio and his heart should be just as healthy as any other baby.

As I said we have so much to be thankful for. What a wonderful start to a Holiday Season. I am so excited for this upcoming month!!

I Am Grateful For....

1. An amazing husband and fun nieces!

2. A big fat baby belly (and TJ's too)!!

3. Twin cousins coming soon!!

4. This CHRISTMAS season!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Man's Best Friend

Loving Memories of Sutton Special!

July 1996-October 2008
Another big change in October was the passing of our Sutton Special.

Over 12 years ago my parents finally gave in to the begging and pleading of their children for a puppy. My Dad worked with a lady whose dog had just had puppies. We all were told to go out the the tomato patch and find the biggest tomatoes we could find. We all ran out to the garden and started looking for tomatoes. To our surprise we found the most adorable little puppy you've ever seen! He was black, white and tan with floppy ears. He was a shepard mix and just about the cutest thing ever!

Sutton was such a good dog. He was trained from a puppy not to come in the house (at my Mom's request). I of course would always sneak him in the back door and play around the basement with him.
We went summer after summer camping with the family and Sutton always loved to run free. This picture was taken of Sutton as a puppy and me camping September 1996. He always listened and was so obedient. Just about the best dog anyone could ever ask for!

We love Sutton and will miss his fun spirit in our lives.

(Hours before Sutton left us)

Autumn Change

Happy Halloween!!

October was such fun month, full of change! Change of leaves, change of season and change of my HAIR!! In the first trimester I was so nervous and cautious about everything. Before we even started IVF I colored my hair to my natural so I wouldn't have to get it done. It felt so great to get it colored and cut! I feel so much better when I do something drastic and the dark was really drastic.

It has been so fun to have Brittany and the girls move back!! The home of Bill and Lynn is always exciting and full of suprises with Hallie and Maddie runnig around!

I helped Hallie rake up some leaves into a pile so we could jump into them. Such a BLAST!

Hee Haw Farms
Hay Ride

Feeding the animals!!

Brittany and Hallie on the BIG slide!

Grandma to be, Me and Jill

Hallie and Aunt Emily

Tea's New Bed
Grandma bought Tea a new bed becasue she was sick of her laying on her couch and pillows. Tea loves her new bed!