Thursday, November 8, 2012


i need to blog more, i know. i've been so bad since i got instagram which just seems so much easier but it doesn't give me the chance to really record my thought and feelings, really document/journal. i'll try to be better.

halloween this year was so much fun!! we had the brady family party the saturday before halloween and then spent halloween night at the skousen's. the best part of this year was that my uncle jonny came and spent the entire night with us! we love having him around and i love that my kids are getting to know him better. he was such a special part of my childhood. love him!

steele and perry both loved halloween. i was actually really suprised how much perry loved it because she is still so young. she would walk up to the house hold out her purple bucket and i would say trick-or-treat. she would then say "dankooo". she would then waddle to the next house. steele also loved filling his bucket with treats. he is at the best age!

we started chirstmas at grandmas a few weeks before halloween and are almost done. only have one tree left. brett and the other boys did all the exterior lights this year and saved grandma quite a bit. her annual christmas party is early this year so we are glad we are almost done.

this time of year is just my favorite. i love all the holidays each month and it makes it that much better with my two littles. they make everything in live that much better. love them!