Monday, May 31, 2010

wedding, births and graduation

the month of may has been
 a whirlwind to say the least.
although all happy wind,
 june's forecast looks a lot like
  may's if you know what i mean.

summer is here today yet
 was no where to be found
last monday with all the snow.
hopefully it is pure sunny
 pleasure from here on out.

just as we came home from 
pebble beach we got back in the 
car and headed to george town. 
the heat was wonderful and
my cousin katie was an
absolutely beautiful bride!

the st. george temple is
 simply special. my parents
 were married there 27 years
 ago on June 18th.  
me and my sistas
this is steele's pimp suit.
cousin will said he looked like he
owned an island and a small plane to go with it.
what a little stud.
{wish i got a better pic}
{aunt missy, mother dear, aunt kristin, grandma g}
saturday night we celebrated ryan mcgiven's
 birthday by going to texas road house {oh my so delish}
and stayed with justin and sarah wilde. we
had such a blast playing games and chatting. 
{thanks justin and sarah for an awesome weekend!!}

steele also found yet another girlfriend, brea. 
he flirted up a storm with her
and she loved pushing him around in her little cart.
she is just a month younger than steele
and is just the perfect height for giving kisses
{well on the forehead} 
sarah mccgiven, me and sarah wilde
{sorry heather, i'm not sure where you were}

while we were in st. george both of our
good friends delivered their
sweet babies back up north
{on the same day none the less!}

precious olivia maria
was born two weeks early
to ted and karly turner.

little oakland james
arrived one week overdue
to kelli and dan tuttle

i can't express how happy i am
for our amazing friends! both
oakland and olivia are seriously
two of the cutest babies i've
ever seen and have the greatest
parents a kid could ask for. 

with all the babies arriving
i've been wanting another baby.
well really i have since
steele was 6 weeks old and
i'll attribute most of that to 
how good of a baby steele was {and is} 
and to the fact that baby's
 don't come our way all that easy. 

enough baby talk 

then on thursday my awesome
 brother {in law} zach graduated
from timpview high school.
i've got to say i have always really
 loved zach. he's just one of those
lovable people. he is a pretty adorable kid.

then on friday my own little bro
 {who i swear is still nine} graduated
from timpanogos high school. he
graduated number one in his class with
a 4.0 gpa throughout all of high school.
i have to just brag about this because
i was never that smart.

so there it is. the craziness i've
been living is great. i love being busy.
ask anyone in my family and they will
tell you i love to always have something planned.

i really need to do a post
all about what steele is doing these
days. he is one cute lovable nuggs
who's brain is literally going a million
miles a minute.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

hello pebble beach

isn't this place stunning? i had a very difficult time choosing which photos to post of this amazing trip.

pebble is one of those places dear to the heart's of the brady family. 

grandma white has owned this house since the early 80's and is right on the 14th green of pebble beach golf course. it is breathtaking there!

it is one of those vacations that is simply relaxing. there is no go-go-go, we stayed in and cooked most every night, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery.

steele did great both there and back. 12 hours in a carseat for a one year old is a serious struggle.
he kept signing please and pulling on the straps. it broke both our hearts. every stop we made he was extremely excited to get out and stretch his little legs. then when it was time to get back in he would with no fight. he is such an amazing baby!

i'll let the pics do most of the talking....
{beatutiful carmel beach}
we found fun pockets of warm water that get trapped in these rocks. steele loved it!
we walked the course almost every night at sunset. it gets very chilly at night so we had to bundle up.
dinner in one night. i made
sole with a lemon basil pasta...delish
steele's best buddy, mccoy
heidi turned the two-one so i surprised her with a triple chocolate bundt cake.
the whole skousen, overton, wood, brady gang

who wants to come next year?!