Thursday, April 29, 2010

simple, inexpensive projects

these two simple mugs double as a fun potting project
 and add some much needed green to our abode.
i added the "e" and "b" with vinyl i cut out on my cricut.

side story: the petit cactus has been it my family along time. 
way back when my parents first got married
they purchased these cactus-like plants.
it is the only house plant that survived close to 23 years. 
this is a starter i stole from them, hehe. 

both these plants are low light low moisture plants,
so they work great on my dinning table.   

we have issues with keeping our entryway counter uncluttered
so i'm working on places for everything to go.
starting with our keys.

once again vinyl lettering
a simple antique frame i had lying around the house
and four metal hooks 

my dear friend karly turner is having a baby girl in just over a month.
she and her husband are moving for his residency. {so sad, but they're excited}
i made these two clocks for her nursery so she can keep track of utah and pennsylvania time.

i found clocks that could be dismantled
cut new numbers out with cricut
cut both states out in coordinating paper

fun. cute. simple

more to come
but for now, we're off to pebble beach ca
wish steele luck on the 12 hour drive....
actually, more like wish us luck

Monday, April 5, 2010

the party

this was the first birthday cake i've ever made.
all the polka dots and his name are made from white chocolate almond bark.
i was proud of how it turned out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

one year ago today

one year ago today
april 4, 2010
{by: mommy}
one year ago today,
our lives changed forever.
after trials drove hard
we thought this day would be never.
one year ago today,
we knew the time was then.
our spirits overflowed with joy
what a blessing our journey had been
one year ago today,
on an early April morn
God sent a little spirit
to us so safe and warm.
one year ago today,
he was welcomed with open arms.
emotions overwhelmed our hearts
could our love keep him from harm?
one year ago today,
his breath was soft and mild
his spirit beamed through deep blue eyes
we knew he was meant to be our child
today one year has past,
each day filled with love
we know our Father in Heaven
has sent Steele from above
{birthday party was a success! pictures to come}