Friday, June 7, 2013

My Pear Pear is TWO


{I haven't posted in so long and it makes me extremely sad. I love looking back at my blog to see pictures of the different stages of my children. So this post is just for my journal's sake.}

Perry turns two tomorrow, technically today since it's 1am. She is just the sweetest little thing on the planet. Her personality is so sassy yet she gives the best loves and says "I luv you mommy" several times a day. She knows how to throw a mean tantrum and I secretly have to turn my head to laugh. She also covers her face when she cries. Very dramatic she is!! Perry is a very smart little girl. She has been speaking in full sentences for a few months now. She'll say "night night mommy, see you in the morning ok?" Talk about melt my heart. She does that to me daily. She can count to ten and sometimes even further saying "oneteen, twoteen, threeteen..." so cute!! She loves to sing and knows the words to several songs but her favorites right now are Aram Sam Sam, twinkle twinkle and Monkey's swinging in a tree. Perry is shy when it comes to people she doesn't know but she tends to be very flirtatious. She hates nursery and will not stop crying. Period. She'll cry herself to sleep most weeks. We also started swim lessons and she will not have anything to do with it. Cries and cries. She is very attached to her mommy when it comes to strangers or being left.The girly stage has definitely started along with the princess stage. She loves "cinderwewa" the most right now.

I love my Pear Pear and I know she has so much love for our family too. She has a very big heart. I love her sensitive spirit and loving demeanor.Happy birthday sweet girl! I love you to the moon and back a million trillion times!!