Monday, October 31, 2016

halloween skate party

Halloween has slowly become one of my favorite holidays. It has always been fun but since having kids it's so much more exciting. They get into dressing up just as much as I do and only one day is not enough! When I suggested throwing a costume party to S&P they were thrilled! Their very own party with all of their cousins and few friends. I didn't want more than 20 kids so that it wouldn't get too crazy and since they have almost that many cousins, they each got invite a couple of friends. 

Then I had to figure out where I could go with that many kids and keep them entertained!! Classic Fun Center was at the top of my list. I grew up going to Classic as a kid and my kids have been invited to a few birthday parties there. They always did a great job so I booked a birthday party package which included everything I needed and I didn't have to worry about bringing anything! The best kind of party, right?? We were assigned our own personal host, Timmy, who took care of our every need. 

Skating was the highlight of the party. The kids loved using the skate-walkers (that's what we called them) and the DJ was taking requests so the kids all got to hear their favorite songs. I even strapped on a pair of skates and whirled around and around with Perry. It was perfect for the big range of ages we had there.


We had the best time, if you can't tell by all of those smiling faces. We think this might be a yearly tradition! My kids might just insist upon it. Check out these tips to making your party the best of the best here. And if you'd like to book a fun party at Classic, use code emilysbrady to receive 20% off of your party. Now go party!!