Monday, January 25, 2010

pardon the mush

{Joy;the emotion of great delight and
happiness caused by something exceptionally good.}
i am blessed. my heart is full and i have to share. i'm not sure why i am so blessed but whatever the reason may be i am grateful. today is just one of those days when i find myself overwhelmingly happy. just completely happy. hearing steele jabbering as he wakes from his nap, i realize my chore list isn't complete but i know opening his door and seeing his adorable smiling face will wash all my cares away.

as brett lay steele down to sleep the other night, he came from his room and said

"i love him so much
my heart can't handle it."

i can't think of a better way to explain the love we have for steele. literally sometimes i feel as if my heart aches because of the love i have for my boys. i have heard so many heart wrenching tragedies lately of mothers loosing their sons. perhaps this is where my gratitude is coming from. regardless, i want to soak up this precious time with my family and i know the only way to really do this is by being happy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The BEST year of my life.....2009

WARNING: This post contains an enormous amount of pictures! Proceed only if you have an hour of free time.
Brett asked me on our drive home last night if 2009 was the best year of my life. I thought for a few seconds and said that it really has been. Bringing Steele into the world has changed mine forever.

I haven't posted about Christmas or New Years. This is the reason for sooo many pictures. I'm hoping to let the pictures do the talking but I always seem to have something to say.



Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Stauffer with Grandma White

We love you Grandpa Stauffer!

STEELE'S FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TOY!- Yes Steele can WALK with this little push cart. It really was the cutest and most shocking thing to see. I had no idea he would love it so much and be able to use it!!


Mommy with her little Nuggs

Steele LOVES Toby. He likes to ride him like a horse. Toby is such a good dog, the only thing is you have to watch out for his tail. It is just the right height to knock Steele in the head and his tail is STRONG.

Another favorite Christmas toy. His very own car keys.

Sledding for Carrie's Birthday was such a blast. As you can tell we had A LOT of fun!

Birthday Girl Carrie and Madi

This has to be my favorite of the bunch. Bentley is so brave to go all by himself. All the other kids followed his lead and ended up going solo too.

HAPPY 2010

Steele now sits in a high chair. Tea has discovered that if she waits long enough she will get a little treat from Steele.

The thing I am most excited for in 2010 is seeing this adorable smile every day. I love my little guy so much I can't help but want to eat him up. I hope all of you have an awesome 2010 year!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby McCoy is Here!

This was Christmas night, the night before my little sister Heidi went into the hospital. Her and Trevor were so ready for their little boy to come. She had quite the pregnancy and was so ready to get him out, especially since she was due on the 23rd of December!

I'm so glad I snapped this picture as they left for the hospital. She was having strong, painful contractions at my parents house the day after Christmas and she thought her water may have broken so they decided to go in.

After they were admitted, got settled in and Heidi got her epidural, we went to the hospital for a visit.

We all loved being able to wish Heidi the best of luck with delivery. I however started to feel crazy sick and ended up with the stomach flu all night long. It was horrible! I was so scared I may have given it to Heidi or Trevor but luckily neither got it. I was so sad because I was unable to see Heidi or her baby for 24 hours after he was born:(

Brett was able to take Steele to visit and look who he ran into! This is ANA our very favorite nurse. She was my delivery nurse and she helped us through everything! Ana really helped Brett a lot! She was so excited to see Steele and Brett after 9 months. She even remembered little details about us like doing InVitro and Brett getting ready to graduate. She is awesome! I wish I could have seen her too.

McCoy Keith Wood

December 27th 2009

7 lbs. 3 oz, 21 inches

Once I was all better I finally got to come see McCoy for the first time. As you can imagine I was a big baby and got so sad that Steele has gotten so big so fast. He was just so tiny and precious. There is NOTHING like a bran new baby sent straight from heaven.

Uncle Brett and McCoy

Yes I did put Steele in the little plastic bassinet. I know, I know I'm ridiculous. But it was pretty funny and it really shows how much bigger he is.

Another thing that has got me being such a big baby about is McCoy wearing Steele's baby clothes. Like this little monkey get-up. So cute! I don't believe Steele really fit in it too. I just don't.

Steele loves his new cousin but he gets extremely jealous when Mommy holds him. I do it anyway cause he is just going to have to get used to it.

McCoy has the cutest little calic on his head. This is the best picture I could find of it. It is a swirl right smack in the center of his forehead. It's going to be awesome when he gets older.

We are so excited for little McCoy to be here. He is already loved so much. Steele and him will be best of friends. I just know it!