Thursday, June 7, 2012

my little pear is one...sigh

It's hard to believe that a year ago today I was going to the hospital to be "flipped", not knowing that we would bring our little girl into the world. She has the brightest eyes, the softest spirit and I just love her. We all do. She is such a blessing and I know I am a better person for being her mother. Love you little Pear and happy happy birthday to you!

i found this poem i wrote for steele on his first birthday and wanted to share it again. i remember feeling all those same feelings when perry was born. i thought i'd share it again.

one year ago today
april 4, 2010
{by: mommy}
one year ago today,
our lives changed forever.
after trials drove hard
we thought this day would be never.
one year ago today,
we knew the time was then.
our spirits overflowed with joy
what a blessing our journey had been
one year ago today,
on an early April morn
God sent a little spirit
to us so safe and warm.
one year ago today,
he was welcomed with open arms.
emotions overwhelmed our hearts
could our love keep him from harm?
one year ago today,
his breath was soft and mild
his spirit beamed through deep blue eyes
we knew he was meant to be our child
today one year has past, 
each day filled with love 
we know our Father in Heaven 
has sent Steele from above