Monday, November 30, 2015

trolley square round up

A couple a weeks ago I went on a little shopping spree up at Trolley Square. They have the perfect mix of stores to hit for everyone in my family. From Pottery Barn Kids & William Sinoma to Lulu & American Apperal, you'll get everything in one stop. AND if you snap a pic while you're there and post with the tag #mytrolleysquare you are entered to win a $100 shopping spree. Winners once a week! 

I scored a little something for everyone my fam...

New comfy sweats + a soft tee. He'll be thrilled with casual, comfortable gifts. I'm always buying him dress clothes. AA has the best men's selection and the MR is super selective when it comes to clothing. 

{ american apperal } tee + sweats


Nothing wrong with treating yourself with something wrapped under the tree. $1 Nail polish perfect for stuffing the stocking too. They have a rainbow of colors at AA. And let's be honest, he needs a little help in the shopping department for HER. Spark had great unique items. Great sales going on too! 

{ spark } navy cream plaid sweater + hat
{ american apperal } polish


Right when I saw this hooded zip-up at AA I knew I had to get it for Perry, mostly because it's purple but also because you should feel it! I know it's quality and will wash up well. This lunch box is what dreams are made of for a certain little six-year-old. I think Santa will be bringing this to Steele. Cabin Fever is a quaint little shop filled with clever trinkets and toys perfect for stuffing stockings! I could look around for hours. 

{ american apperal } zip-up
{ cabin fever } lunch box

Sunday, November 15, 2015

their baby, my body

Writing things down is a form of therapy for me so bear with me while I share each step of my emotional ride. Going through this process I didn't know what to expect or how I was going to feel. There is no way of knowing other than to jump in with both feet. So far it has been an amazing experience and I attribute so much of that to Anastasia being so supportive and comforting. 

Yesterday we had the gender ultrasound it was incredible seeing a little active baby growing inside ME! I have no mixed emotions. I know they may come down the road but for now I'm feeling really good. I have been waiting all along for that moment of "uuuuuh what did I get myself into?!" But it hasn't come yet. It's hard at times when I'm sick and throwing up but I've never felt like it's not worth it. 

It was pure joy watching them be so happy. It is very surreal seeing them looking at the monitor but the image is coming from my stomach! 

We both got a huge surprise when we found out we were wrong and there is a little BOY growing snug as a bug! I was positive it was a girl! I have been extremely sick, much more so than with my two pregnancies. Anastasia also was thinking it was a girl. Perry came to the appointment with us and she and Anorah sat up on the bed with me. It's pretty hard for a 4 and 3 year-old to see the baby in black and white and see all the things we see. Perry asked if "the baby got to come out today?!!" She's a little anxious for it to be our turn. I think that everyone is still in shock that it is a boy but everyone is so happy! I'm excited for them to have one of each just like us!