Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Joys and Mischief of my First Christmas......By Steele Brady

This is my first Christmas and I am lovin it so far. There are lots of shinny lights, glass ornaments and electrical cords galore. They are my favorite to put in my mouth and chew on.

My Mom is using the word NO a lot and I'm not sure what it means. She usually says it when I'm about to play with something really exciting so I don't know what her deal is. My latest fascination is toilet paper. It is the BEST tasting thing I've ever eaten! My Mom always runs to take it out of my mouth so I try to get as much in while she isn't watching. One swipe with my hand and the entire roll just starts spinning. I also love to bang on the toilet lid. Don't worry Mom always wipes it down with Clorox wipes before I play......I love being a baby!

I try my very best to behave almost all the time but sometimes I do things just to give it my own special touch. My finger prints look great on the stainless steel appliances!

Another one of my favorite places to go is the DVDs and electronics. I know Mom always keeps a close eye on me so I have to be quick. Every time she puts me down I speed for the big TV and the fun gadgets to play with. I LOVE remotes and climbing up the screen of the TV. Isn't that what they are for?

I LOVE my straw sippy and LOVE to spit blueberry juice onto Mom's carpet! Such fun.....

Railing is so fun to climb on! It makes Mom nervous but it gives me great views of Aunt Fergi's house!

I just want to have a bowl of cereal like my Dad. And YES I am strong enough to pick up this gallon of milk!

I am a really big help....right Mom?

My Mom and Dad really love each other! I can tell by how much they love me. This was the night we went and picked out our Christmas tress! It was freezing cold so they made me stay all bundled up in my car seat and stroller.

See... here I am all bundled up! Mom, I'm trying to smile for you but that flash is bright!

I love my family! I am really lucky to have such fun people to hang out with all the the time.
After we loaded up our Christmas trees we headed over to my great Uncle Jonny's house. This has been a tradition for a long time but this was my first visit.
I really liked meeting him. We got along great and he even let me play with his 30 year old famous JoeRaff. He is this stuffed animal that my Mom and all my aunts and uncles got a visit from when they were sick.

The next day we started decorating our Christmas tree! Tea and I get along really well and were doing such a good job with the lights.

Like I said, cords are the best to chew on!

Being the big helper that I am is what makes my parents love me!

Tea loves Christmas too


Daddy is really brave, unlike my Mom. He climbs all the way to the top of the ladder!

Auntie Brittany helped decorate a lot this year!

Cousin Hallie always plays with me and is a big helper too.

Wow...I wish I was up there. Of course Mommy wouldn't let me. \

What a big Christmas tree! I like it.

Merry Christmas from me Steele to you my friends and family!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

My heart is filled with thankfulness, gratitude and love. These are the things that are dearest to my heart.

My Active Healthy Adorable Steeley Wheeley
Now has TWO teeth, crawls EVERYWHERE (even up stairs) and loves his Mommy and Daddy!! He is the joy of my life and I am so so LUCKY to be his Mommy.

Crawling 101

Helping Aunt Fergie (Jennifer) make yummy thanksgiving pie that much better!
Eternal Families
I love the person Brett is. He is perfect for me and I really don't think any other person could have married me. He is patient, understanding and one of the most genuine people I know. Brett works so hard for our family and is a dedicated engineer. He is the best Daddy ever and loves to hold Steele when he is sleeping. I cherish most our friendship and have become a better person with him by my side.

FOOD has to be on my list of things I am thankful for! Not only because I just can't get enough of it but because there are so many families that don't have the same luxuries as we do. YES I did go back for seconds AND this was thanksgiving dinner #UNO and I realized how lucky I am to even have food to eat when so many others don't. We started Thanksgiving at Jennifer and Jordan's house with the Skousen family then made our way to the Brady's for dinner #2 and dessert! Brett couldn't eat at #2 but I had yet ANOTHER helping and dessert. Yes I am a total PIG. We are so lucky to have great family that make DELICIOUS thanksgiving dinners!

I have the best possible brother and sisters! We are all extremely close and none of us would have it any other way. As we all get older we realize that family is all that matters. My sister's and my Mom are my best friends. This is my little brother Ryan who is getting so old and growing before my eyes. We have that teasing kind of relationship and I'm always prying into his love life. We are always messin around and having fun. He is a senior in high school and a 4.0 student. He wants to follow in Jennifer's foot steps and be an accountant. Ryan has got some serious brains. He has a lawn care business to save enough money for his mission and is a dedicated person. He is an awesome example for everyone in our family!
Grandma Brady and Steele's First Hello
This is Steele's Great Grandma Brady. I see where Brett gets a lot of his qualities from. She is so kind and gentle and is always willing to help. She lives in Idaho so we don't see her very often. This trip was her first time meeting Steele. There are two things I will never forget and want to write down.
The first time Steele saw Grandma he was a little shy but Brett handed him over anyway. He looked at her and layed his head on her shoulder. You could see her eyes whelling with tears. It was such a special moment for us to see. A few days latter we went over to visit and I was holding Steele. Steele is a total Momma's boy and doesn't like being taken away from me. He spots Grandma and just lights up. She comes closer and he reaches out for her almost falling out of my arms. He never does that for anyone. Steele now has a special bond with his Great Grandma Brady. We love you!

There is nothing more precious than a brand new life. This is Koda and he was just adopted by our neighbors of 4 years, Bart and Crystal. We are so thrilled that everything worked out for them and that they finally have their little family.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Fall, 2009

It has been just under a month since my last update and I don't think more could have happened. As usual our lives are go go go. This fall has been very exciting and has been one of the most enjoyable ever! This particular fall season has been full of festivities and spirit.
{pics courtesy of Britt Naef}

Steele's First Halloween Costume! (really...his first- he had two. this one was warmer and he could wear it trick or treating. his second was a little too cold- pics below)

Steele with his twin cousins...cutest zoo I've ever seen.

I have probably the funnest in-laws possible. We are a crazy bunch!

We thought our costumes were appropriate with the world series at a head but couldn't find quite the right teem uniforms so we settled for TJ's teeny bopper uniforms. Ha ha Brett seriously fit into them!
My little first base-man

This calls for some explaining. Us girls are always making fun cakes, cupcakes and cutesy things and the boys just enjoy the makings. Months ago one of the boys claimed they could make a cake that would out do the girls (boys being boys), so we challenged them thinking they would back down. They gladly excepted and it was ON! Secret meetings and much planning went into both cakes and a week before Halloween we had our first Brady Family Boys against Girls CAKE OFF! The girls spent a ruff total of 10 hours on our cake including prep work. Half way through we almost gave up (it is seriously hard to make a large cake with that much detail, you should have seen the kitchen!). Below is what the boys came up with and the girls too.
You be the judge? We had neighbor judges (thanks Robies) who ended up giving the title to the boys (they paid them off).
It was a total blast! Hopefully this will become a yearly tradition.
BOYS CAKE {yes it is eatable}


Gardner Village
We spent a fun day at Gardner Village with the fam- beautiful day!

{Sneak Peak of more fun Steele pics}