Sunday, June 22, 2008


This was the best time to be in Moab! It was not too hot and we had great company. Ted and Karly Turner invited us camping down in Moab. It was a blast hiking, sitting by the camp fire and eating tin foil dinners. Karly taught me how to make a tin foil banana split. Thought I would share how.

Tin Foil Banana Split

1 Banana for each person
Chocolate Chips
Mini Marshmallows
Ready to use Carmel
1'x1' Tin Foil for each banana

Use a sharp paring knife to slice an opening in the banana length wise. Keep the peel on the banana. Slowly pull open the banana and stuff with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Squeeze a line of carmel down the center of the opening. Close banana and wrap with tin foil. Place in coals of the fire for 5-10 min. Careful when removing from fire; foil will be extremely hot! Let cool until foil is touchable. Use a spoon to scoop out the gooey center of your Banana Split!

My New Best Friend

This dog was a Great Pyrenees and he was HUGE! He was the most friendly dog ever. He kept coming over to our camp site and I would scratch his belly. I loved him!

We hiked to Balancing Rock and Delicate Arch. Jimmy Winterton and Alex Grow came with us for the day and we all enjoyed the beautiful red rocks.

This is Dead Horse Point. It was like a miniature Grand Canyon. It was beautiful but you know me and heights. I was so nervous near the edge! It really was a great trip! Thanks for inviting us Ted and Karly!

TEA is TWO!!!!
May 18th our little girl turned TWO! She is such a sweet Pouchez Nouchez (I don't know where we got that from). I made her a cake out of tostada shells, peanut butter and dog food! I know sick right!!! She loved it but was a little apprehensive once the candles were lit. We invited Jennifer and Jordan's dog Toby. I was a great little party.

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Truly and Shane said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl! The kitties had their birthdays in June and they love their doggy door :)
I don't know Karly too well but I think she's so nice and pretty. It's fun having a couple where you and Brett equally like the husband and the wife. Ya know? I love the banana split idea...I'd have to find a way to keep ice cream cold cause that's the only way I could eat it. I want to go camping! Maybe in a few years
Hey daddy long legs, how long are they?! Geez! And is that the dog from Never Ending Story?