Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go Ahead.....Pinch His Cheeks

Day after day I watch Steele grow bigger and bigger! I want him to stop growing and stay this size for about 6 months and then he can start growing again. Each stage is so fun and the new things he does every day gets our immediate attention.

We have been staying busy and having lots of fun together. I have a constant little side kick; however I also have a constant little side ACHE! My back has been killing me since he is 14 lbs. 13 oz.!!!! When went to his appointment the doc told me he is the size of a 5 month old! No wonder why I feel like he is growing too fast, because he is. He was almost 26 inches and almost 15 lbs! I just can't believe how big he is. I asked what percentile he is in and he replied "I can't tell you because he is entirely off the charts!" So the good news is we have an amazingly healthy boy. Bad news is my back is in for a real ordeal.

We visited the Bean Museum with my cousins Karen and Kelly. Heidi had the day off so she came too. Steele loves his little carrier! He usually falls asleep in it.

I am preparing my little sister Jill to be my baby sitter. It is perfect timing- by the time she is old enough Steele will be 2 or 3. Perfect!

She even asked to help change his diaper. What a good Aunt!

The NEW Grandparents! My Mom is still getting used to the G word but hopefully Steele will come up with something cute to call her. Brett's Mom was named Grandma Bubbles by Hallie and Brett's Dad is Panka so who knows what my parents' names are going to be.

I will cherish this picture forever!

Curious George- Also know has Steele giving the camera the "Stink Eye". He gives me the funniest look in this video. I wish I knew what he is thinking!!
So I have been attempting to get my body back into shape. I have been exercising with Brett's sisters. Running with Brett's sister Carrie, Roller blading with Hayley and yesterday we did P90X ab ripper! HOLY CRAP, I am so out of shape. Carrie kicks my butt running every time! Once we hit mile two my face is beat red and I feel like I am going to die. It is so great to go with someone who dosen't let me stop. When we are done it feels so good and it makes me want to keep it up.
This is me being an idiot with my Hootter Hider after running. Although, I really didn't feel like much of a super hero after running, it still feels pretty good to start again.


Alex said...

The old Emily returns! The cape and super hero-ness is classic Emily! :)

Alex said...

And I will pinch his cheeks! They look so kissable!

Carrie said...

You didn't mention that you were running with Steele and Tea. That adds the extra pounds which makes running more challenging. Love the pics of Steele.

Karly said...

you guys are so cute, I cant wait to see you this weekend

Brittany said...

You are BRAVE!!! I'm too scared to go running with Carrie.

Lindsay said...

You look so great em! P90x is awesome huh! It sure kicks my trash! Your little guy (or big) guy is so adorable! He is too cute!

Nick & Cami said...

Emily!1 I love Steele!! He is so precious. I bet your family is so proud! Me and Nick are glad we got to meet him while we were there! Arent you just the best little mommy!!

Preston & Shawnee said...

Oh he is so cute :) I have to say I love the chunky babies. Mine is getting pretty chunky too and I love squeezing his little thighs!

The Colvins said...

You really do look great! I love the super mama pic--classic Emily:)

Jessica & Randy Darrington said...

Emily, you are such a CUTE mommy! I am so impressed with how naturally you handle being a mother. You just go with the flow. A lot of first time mommy's "don't" seem to handle things quite that well and you really impress me. Keep up the good work. Steele is adorable!