Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The BEST year of my life.....2009

WARNING: This post contains an enormous amount of pictures! Proceed only if you have an hour of free time.
Brett asked me on our drive home last night if 2009 was the best year of my life. I thought for a few seconds and said that it really has been. Bringing Steele into the world has changed mine forever.

I haven't posted about Christmas or New Years. This is the reason for sooo many pictures. I'm hoping to let the pictures do the talking but I always seem to have something to say.



Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Stauffer with Grandma White

We love you Grandpa Stauffer!

STEELE'S FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TOY!- Yes Steele can WALK with this little push cart. It really was the cutest and most shocking thing to see. I had no idea he would love it so much and be able to use it!!


Mommy with her little Nuggs

Steele LOVES Toby. He likes to ride him like a horse. Toby is such a good dog, the only thing is you have to watch out for his tail. It is just the right height to knock Steele in the head and his tail is STRONG.

Another favorite Christmas toy. His very own car keys.

Sledding for Carrie's Birthday was such a blast. As you can tell we had A LOT of fun!

Birthday Girl Carrie and Madi

This has to be my favorite of the bunch. Bentley is so brave to go all by himself. All the other kids followed his lead and ended up going solo too.

HAPPY 2010

Steele now sits in a high chair. Tea has discovered that if she waits long enough she will get a little treat from Steele.

The thing I am most excited for in 2010 is seeing this adorable smile every day. I love my little guy so much I can't help but want to eat him up. I hope all of you have an awesome 2010 year!!!!


Brittany said...

Ok so that last picture might be the cutest picture ever. I love Brett's face in all the sledding pictures, so funny!!! He was like a little boy that day, so giddy to play in the snow.

jenna said...

yay you posted!!!! i LOVE all the pictures!!! that picture of steele in the bassinet kills me. how are they so big?! breaks my heart!! and i got Q that same walker a couple months ago and he just loves it. goes to town! andrew gets back in town next week so we should get together for games or something :)

i would LOVE to do a header for you! just email what style you like and i'll get working on it :) xoxox.

The Redford Family said...

Steele is so cute and he looks just like a skousen! I am so happy for Heidi too. What a cute family they will have. That is the first picture of her husband I have seen and he is a cute guy! I can see Heidi in McCoy! Cute baby Tell her Congrats from me!!! Tell her to start a blog and also Jennifer!!!! Love your updates!

Nic & Trudi said...

I seriously can't believe how fast this past year has gone by. I can't believe that Nixon is 1 and that Steele is almost 1. We totally need to get together so our boys can play.

Corey and Nikki Preston said...

That is the same toy that got Derek finally walking. My little D is a bit of scaredy cat and this seemed to get him over that hurdle. Don't be to sad that he is getting bigger though because well each new phase is even better than the last!

The Colvins said...

I can't believe Steele is learning to walk! Oh, it goes by so fast.

Jeff & Kayci said...

Looks like you had a blast over the holidays! Welcoming a new baby to the family and everything. Tell Heidi Congrats! So a question that I have been wanting to ask you for a long time...are you going to be able to have more kids? You are such an amazing mom to Steele and I absolutely love reading your blog. Hope you have a good weekend!

Carli and Tika said...

I do love the name, we went back and forth between Steeler or Steele. I have a feeling he will end up getting called Steele. That is exciting that you have a little one. Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up!

Sarah said...

YOu guys are such a cute little family and Steele is so adorable. GOod to see you at the baby blessing!!!

Truly and Shane said...

I love the overload of pictures. I was sad when it was over. SO many things to sure are pretty! I like your hair thing in the pic of you three towards the bottom. My favorite pic is of Steel wearing blue pushing his truck. Its so stinking cute! Heidi looks so great just before delivery. Must be in the genes! The picture of her at the bottom of the stairs makes me that angle she didnt even look like she was headed to the hospital to have her baby- and lets talk about him please! Little Mccoy Keith is so cuddley and sweet and adorable. Very very very cute baby. Nothing smells better than a newborn baby the day they arrive. Love his blond hair ,I think hes got quite a bit. The first person I saw in him was your mom actually. I think he looks alot like her! I really do.

Sad we missed the sledding. Bentley is such a dare devil going by himself. I love that about him. He's like 'alright, line up everyone I'll show you how its done' fun fun. I want to get together soon. I'll call...
oh yes one more thing. I cracked up at how big Steele was in the hospital baby bin. It makes me laugh and his outfit it crazy cute. I love jeans on babies- although he hardly looks like a baby. He's just layin back enjoying his sippy LOL you know me, I would have been freakin out about having another baby in my baby's bin. haha

Keith and Charayye said...

Cute cute pics Emily! I can't believe Steele can walk his Christmas toy around! So cute! And Vander has those same peace sign jammies to!!! I love them! Truly and Nancy picked them out for Vander! Truly did mention Steele had the same ones! Maybe we will plan a time when we see eachother again and they both can wear them:)Take care!

Keith and Charayye said...

Oh! BTW! I do love the pic when you put Steele in the bassinet at the hospital! That's to funny! And what a cute little new born! Soooo precious! Oh yeah, and when you mentioned seeing Steeles little smile everday, I am totally the same way! I can't get enough of Vander and his little toothy smile! I want to just eat him!!! Anyway you have a very adorable little dude!