Thursday, April 29, 2010

simple, inexpensive projects

these two simple mugs double as a fun potting project
 and add some much needed green to our abode.
i added the "e" and "b" with vinyl i cut out on my cricut.

side story: the petit cactus has been it my family along time. 
way back when my parents first got married
they purchased these cactus-like plants.
it is the only house plant that survived close to 23 years. 
this is a starter i stole from them, hehe. 

both these plants are low light low moisture plants,
so they work great on my dinning table.   

we have issues with keeping our entryway counter uncluttered
so i'm working on places for everything to go.
starting with our keys.

once again vinyl lettering
a simple antique frame i had lying around the house
and four metal hooks 

my dear friend karly turner is having a baby girl in just over a month.
she and her husband are moving for his residency. {so sad, but they're excited}
i made these two clocks for her nursery so she can keep track of utah and pennsylvania time.

i found clocks that could be dismantled
cut new numbers out with cricut
cut both states out in coordinating paper

fun. cute. simple

more to come
but for now, we're off to pebble beach ca
wish steele luck on the 12 hour drive....
actually, more like wish us luck


Jeff & Kayci said...

Super cute ideas! I love the key thing...I am working on the same goal of de-cluttering:) Have fun in CALI!!!

Chloé said...

awww those are so cute! i love the clock idea! how fun!! and i am soooo jealous that you are going to pebble! isn't it funny that we both go to the same exact place/house every year? yet we never see each other?? we need to change that! i love that i know exactly where you are staying and that you guys are going to have such a good time! have a blast! good luck!:)

K. Crisler said...

Such cute little projects!

Nic & Trudi said...

So cute!!! And I love the way that those clocks turned out!

Carrie said...

You are so creative, super cute stuff.

craigo said...

Emily i love the keys idea thats so cute and the clocks turned out great. - Kara

Brittany said...

so cute...hope you are having fun in Carmel, wish I was there.

Lara said...

I seriously love that key frame idea. SO CUTE! The clocks are both adorable too! That is such a cute idea. We need to do crafty things together.

I'm so excited to work with you in young womens!

The Colvins said...

What cute ideas! I love that you have a plant that was your parents. My mom and dad have a house plant from when they got married that's still alive and well. When I got married she gave me a starter and mine is now thriving too! Kind of fun. We joke about it and call it our love fern. I hope to pass on starters to my kids one day too. Wouldn't it be fun to say one day, this plant is 75 years old and still going strong!

Karly said...

Hey em! LOVE LOVE LOVE my clocks. You are seriously the most creative person in the world. Miss you guys, hopefully we"ll see you before my baby's born, if not see you at the hospital :)

the hopkins said...

You're style is so cute Emily. Love the plants in the cups!
And I hope you guys had a wonderful time in pebble beach, that sounds amazing right now ah!!!