Thursday, May 13, 2010

hello pebble beach

isn't this place stunning? i had a very difficult time choosing which photos to post of this amazing trip.

pebble is one of those places dear to the heart's of the brady family. 

grandma white has owned this house since the early 80's and is right on the 14th green of pebble beach golf course. it is breathtaking there!

it is one of those vacations that is simply relaxing. there is no go-go-go, we stayed in and cooked most every night, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery.

steele did great both there and back. 12 hours in a carseat for a one year old is a serious struggle.
he kept signing please and pulling on the straps. it broke both our hearts. every stop we made he was extremely excited to get out and stretch his little legs. then when it was time to get back in he would with no fight. he is such an amazing baby!

i'll let the pics do most of the talking....
{beatutiful carmel beach}
we found fun pockets of warm water that get trapped in these rocks. steele loved it!
we walked the course almost every night at sunset. it gets very chilly at night so we had to bundle up.
dinner in one night. i made
sole with a lemon basil pasta...delish
steele's best buddy, mccoy
heidi turned the two-one so i surprised her with a triple chocolate bundt cake.
the whole skousen, overton, wood, brady gang

who wants to come next year?!


Chloé said...

i do i do!! :) hehe. love that place... i hope we get to go this year... i think we have gone for the past 8 years.. i honestly don't know what it would be like if we missed a year! glad you guys had a blast! love the pictures! :)

Greg and Sarah Nelson said...

SO fun! I love it there. I miss it already and I miss seeing you guys! I swear one day I'll get to give Steele a great big hug and kiss. He's so adorable! I'm glad you guys had a fun and relaxing vacation. That's the way they all should be!

Brittany said...

I'm so jealous...I really need to plan a trip out there. I'm so jealous that everyone is going this summer and I'm not. Glad you had a lot of fun and love all the pictures.

jenna said...

me. but only if i can have your body when i come.

Lara said...

It looks so much fun!!! I'm so ready for summer to be here! Cute pictures!

Kristin and Dan said...

love all of your pictures! our family went to carmel, monterey, and pebble beach - probably like ten years ago - but it was soooo pretty then and I seriously loved it there! your trip made me want to go back!!

K. Crisler said...

Oh man, it looks like you guys had so much fun! All your pictures are darling. Lets get together.

Sarah said...

Such cute pictures!! Pebble beach looks so fun! Good to see you guys this weekend!

Jill said...

ME ME ME!! I want to come! Pebble beach is one of my most favorite vacation spots. Georgia is so kind to of let us use the house a few time and I just love it. SO relaxing! Ways cute pictures!

muffytootles said...

Oh my gosh that looks amazing, wish we could have been there with you guys! your pics are awesome, great photographer!

Truly and Shane said...

Emily, that first pic is perfect! The time of day is even perfect for it. My other two favs are the one in front of the car of you three. I kind of wish that was your pimp car! And no picture is better than the one of you cuddling Steele with his thumb in is mouth. I live for pics like those and I rarely have them because for one who would take them and two Shane doens't think to grab a camera when there's a "moment" but of course he doesn't. He's a male :)
I love your family! I bet that trip was JUST what you needed! I want some sole with basil and an artichoke please?...that looks rediculously divine

Nic & Trudi said...

It looks like you had so much fun!! I miss you. We have to play when we get back to utah.

the hopkins said...

Okay these are such cute pictures! I was trying to decided which I liked best, but I like them all! it's so pretty. Steele is such a cutie (i still love his name by the way) and you are a darling mom Emily! You looks so cute in all these pics and I love the one wear you have the scarf over your head- reminds me of alice on "new moon." ha, do you know what part I'm talking about? Anyway you guys are just cute and I'm glad you had fun.
I'd still love to get together with you and Chloe when we come down next. It seems like the last couple times we've been down for special occasions and had no time though. Hopefully soon!
Oh, and yes we want to come with you guys next year okay :)

Desirae said...

So beautiful! I love this area! That is so awesome that your family has a house right on Pebble Beach! You will have to tell me some inside stuff about this place for us to try out. Every time we have gone we just eat on the warf and go to the aquarium. What else do you like to do? By the way, your little Steele is adorable!!