Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Fall, 2009

It has been just under a month since my last update and I don't think more could have happened. As usual our lives are go go go. This fall has been very exciting and has been one of the most enjoyable ever! This particular fall season has been full of festivities and spirit.
{pics courtesy of Britt Naef}

Steele's First Halloween Costume! (really...his first- he had two. this one was warmer and he could wear it trick or treating. his second was a little too cold- pics below)

Steele with his twin cousins...cutest zoo I've ever seen.

I have probably the funnest in-laws possible. We are a crazy bunch!

We thought our costumes were appropriate with the world series at a head but couldn't find quite the right teem uniforms so we settled for TJ's teeny bopper uniforms. Ha ha Brett seriously fit into them!
My little first base-man

This calls for some explaining. Us girls are always making fun cakes, cupcakes and cutesy things and the boys just enjoy the makings. Months ago one of the boys claimed they could make a cake that would out do the girls (boys being boys), so we challenged them thinking they would back down. They gladly excepted and it was ON! Secret meetings and much planning went into both cakes and a week before Halloween we had our first Brady Family Boys against Girls CAKE OFF! The girls spent a ruff total of 10 hours on our cake including prep work. Half way through we almost gave up (it is seriously hard to make a large cake with that much detail, you should have seen the kitchen!). Below is what the boys came up with and the girls too.
You be the judge? We had neighbor judges (thanks Robies) who ended up giving the title to the boys (they paid them off).
It was a total blast! Hopefully this will become a yearly tradition.
BOYS CAKE {yes it is eatable}


Gardner Village
We spent a fun day at Gardner Village with the fam- beautiful day!

{Sneak Peak of more fun Steele pics}


ChloƩ said...

seriously! that looks like the funnest halloween! i love that you guys had a cake off. so cool! steele is so cute!

Brittany said...

There was for sure bribery happening with the judges....although I loved the coke through the nose.

I love fall....looking back we seriously do some fun stuff....I love it!!

Stan & Ash said...

HI, i know you don't know me but i am a friend of Hilary's and she gave me your blog to look at. We have recently found out we will be doing ICSI and are going through the same doctors as you did. I have a few questions i would love to ask you if you don't if i could have your email or sometime that would be great. THanks so much

Carrie said...

I love the sucker one of steele. It is soo funny.

Rich and Kristen Nash said...

Emily! How are you??! Steele is SO cute!! I love him! I can't wait to see you guys soon. We really miss you. Looks like you are all having a blast... and I vote the Girls cake for sure! :)

Nic & Trudi said...

Hey Emily
We totally need to get together again. And I usually get his pj's at Kohl's, target or old navy. I love cute pj's!!

The Colvins said...

Love the pictures. What a fun halloween--I love how you all dressed up and had a cake contest!

Karly said...

Emily how fun! My vote goes for the girls cAke, no competition! Anyways we miss you guys and if I ever start feeling better we need to do something!

Kristin and Dan said...

I'm happy that you found my blog so that I could find YOURS! It is so fun to see it to catch up with you, I haven't seen you since my wedding - way too long! Steele is so cute and your little family is always up to something fun, I love it! I'm excited that we can keep in touch with our blogs now... Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

Karen and Mike said...

Cute costumes and cakes. Oh and Steele is as cute as ever! I love your hair Emily, its getting so long!

jenna said...

i loved looking at these!!!! what a fun fall you guys have had! that boy is just so sweet.