Tuesday, October 27, 2015

our new life

This post has been long over due. I wanted to revamp my blog and start documenting life again. It's taken me a while and as you can see it's not quite there yet but I need to get this all written down. I have missed blogging so much and feel like I have missed out on journaling our lives. So here is a little update on us.

We moved into a new home over a year ago and have been loving our new area and life. The house we found checked our three main criteria. Location, yard size (so many homes are build extremely close together in our area and we really wanted a good size backyard as well as side yard) and an open floor plan. We searched and searched as we had been living with Brett's parents for a year. We looked at buying an older home in a good area and renovating the property. We quickly found that to do that we would be paying far more than what was in our budget. We also knew that building a new home would end up costing more than we wanted because as Brett would say "you can't say no to all those nice high end finishes!" and it was true. We both knew we would break the bank building. When we found our home it wasn't this overwhelming feeling that it was the right one. It was an Ivory spec home and checked off all three of our stipulations but I was only hesitant because the kitchen wasn't white. Silly now but at the time I kept thinking, if we are going to buy a new house we might as well build. In the end, after looking at building in this area and a few other spec homes we decided that it was our house!! Once that decision was made it was easy to become over the moon excited to call this place home. We moved in March 2014 and slept our first night on the floor with no beds, furniture or blinds. It was the perfect first memory in our home.


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