Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn Change

Happy Halloween!!

October was such fun month, full of change! Change of leaves, change of season and change of my HAIR!! In the first trimester I was so nervous and cautious about everything. Before we even started IVF I colored my hair to my natural so I wouldn't have to get it done. It felt so great to get it colored and cut! I feel so much better when I do something drastic and the dark was really drastic.

It has been so fun to have Brittany and the girls move back!! The home of Bill and Lynn is always exciting and full of suprises with Hallie and Maddie runnig around!

I helped Hallie rake up some leaves into a pile so we could jump into them. Such a BLAST!

Hee Haw Farms
Hay Ride

Feeding the animals!!

Brittany and Hallie on the BIG slide!

Grandma to be, Me and Jill

Hallie and Aunt Emily

Tea's New Bed
Grandma bought Tea a new bed becasue she was sick of her laying on her couch and pillows. Tea loves her new bed!

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jenna marie said...

where did you get that sweet little bed?! i NEED one for miss scout!