Sunday, November 2, 2008

Man's Best Friend

Loving Memories of Sutton Special!

July 1996-October 2008
Another big change in October was the passing of our Sutton Special.

Over 12 years ago my parents finally gave in to the begging and pleading of their children for a puppy. My Dad worked with a lady whose dog had just had puppies. We all were told to go out the the tomato patch and find the biggest tomatoes we could find. We all ran out to the garden and started looking for tomatoes. To our surprise we found the most adorable little puppy you've ever seen! He was black, white and tan with floppy ears. He was a shepard mix and just about the cutest thing ever!

Sutton was such a good dog. He was trained from a puppy not to come in the house (at my Mom's request). I of course would always sneak him in the back door and play around the basement with him.
We went summer after summer camping with the family and Sutton always loved to run free. This picture was taken of Sutton as a puppy and me camping September 1996. He always listened and was so obedient. Just about the best dog anyone could ever ask for!

We love Sutton and will miss his fun spirit in our lives.

(Hours before Sutton left us)


A & W said...

I'm so sad! :( I loved Sutton! I remember when we would sneak into town and surprise you guys that when we snuck into your backyard, Sutton always remembered us and he was so happy to see us. He was such a good dog. I will miss him.

Karen and Mike said...

It was so sad when we came over for dinner on sunday and Nate went to the back door looking for Sutton and he wasn't there. Lets get together this week before Kelly leaves.

Nic & Trudi said...

That's so sad about Sutton. I remember him playing with both Bronco and Emmi. And yes, it has been way to long since we've hung out. We should go baby shopping together. We have painted Nixon's room, now we're just waiting for the crib to get here and I gotta get on to the decorating. It's so fun!! I'm so excited you're having a little boy! They are going to be great little buddies. Let's plan something to do soon!!

Truly and Shane said...

It's weird to say I'm so proud of you but I AM! You did the right thing and I know you know that. It's very peaceful when animals get "put to sleep". It happens just exactly how is sounds. They just fall asleep- no pain. Sutton couldn't have gone through another Utah Winter. Sometimes I think to myself it's better to not even have an animal because losing them is absolutely unbarable to me, no kidding....(Meso still makes my heart ache like you wouldn't believe). BUT then I think how much joy they bring in my life (cheesy but so true) and in the end I feel it's better to have them and love them. You have great memories with him. Many years of them too. I can't imagine how sad it will be when Roger has to go down. We'll see them again someday! I like to think he'll be there waiting, so excited and wagging his tail when he sees you

Carrie said...

I love the old pic. It is classic!