Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

My heart is filled with thankfulness, gratitude and love. These are the things that are dearest to my heart.

My Active Healthy Adorable Steeley Wheeley
Now has TWO teeth, crawls EVERYWHERE (even up stairs) and loves his Mommy and Daddy!! He is the joy of my life and I am so so LUCKY to be his Mommy.

Crawling 101

Helping Aunt Fergie (Jennifer) make yummy thanksgiving pie that much better!
Eternal Families
I love the person Brett is. He is perfect for me and I really don't think any other person could have married me. He is patient, understanding and one of the most genuine people I know. Brett works so hard for our family and is a dedicated engineer. He is the best Daddy ever and loves to hold Steele when he is sleeping. I cherish most our friendship and have become a better person with him by my side.

FOOD has to be on my list of things I am thankful for! Not only because I just can't get enough of it but because there are so many families that don't have the same luxuries as we do. YES I did go back for seconds AND this was thanksgiving dinner #UNO and I realized how lucky I am to even have food to eat when so many others don't. We started Thanksgiving at Jennifer and Jordan's house with the Skousen family then made our way to the Brady's for dinner #2 and dessert! Brett couldn't eat at #2 but I had yet ANOTHER helping and dessert. Yes I am a total PIG. We are so lucky to have great family that make DELICIOUS thanksgiving dinners!

I have the best possible brother and sisters! We are all extremely close and none of us would have it any other way. As we all get older we realize that family is all that matters. My sister's and my Mom are my best friends. This is my little brother Ryan who is getting so old and growing before my eyes. We have that teasing kind of relationship and I'm always prying into his love life. We are always messin around and having fun. He is a senior in high school and a 4.0 student. He wants to follow in Jennifer's foot steps and be an accountant. Ryan has got some serious brains. He has a lawn care business to save enough money for his mission and is a dedicated person. He is an awesome example for everyone in our family!
Grandma Brady and Steele's First Hello
This is Steele's Great Grandma Brady. I see where Brett gets a lot of his qualities from. She is so kind and gentle and is always willing to help. She lives in Idaho so we don't see her very often. This trip was her first time meeting Steele. There are two things I will never forget and want to write down.
The first time Steele saw Grandma he was a little shy but Brett handed him over anyway. He looked at her and layed his head on her shoulder. You could see her eyes whelling with tears. It was such a special moment for us to see. A few days latter we went over to visit and I was holding Steele. Steele is a total Momma's boy and doesn't like being taken away from me. He spots Grandma and just lights up. She comes closer and he reaches out for her almost falling out of my arms. He never does that for anyone. Steele now has a special bond with his Great Grandma Brady. We love you!

There is nothing more precious than a brand new life. This is Koda and he was just adopted by our neighbors of 4 years, Bart and Crystal. We are so thrilled that everything worked out for them and that they finally have their little family.


The Redford Family said...

So dang cute! I love your updates! I miss your were born into a wonderful,fun family! I am glad I can call you family!!! I missed you at Lake Powell this just isn't the same without your fam!

The Colvins said...

Nice pictures...looks like you had a great thanksgiving! I like the pictures of the two plates at Thanksgiving--so true and yum yum!!

Carrie said...

I love the pics. So adorable. I remember that thanksgiving dinner and my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.

The Redford Family said...

Hey girl,

Can you email me your address?

If you have Jennifer's...I would love it too!

Merry Christmas!

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

Hey Emily It's Breelyn, so I just moved down to Utah Valley and this is so random but I am looking for a little side job and wondered if you knew if Truly still was looking for help? If so you can get a hold of me through my email
I'm not really part of the blogging world anymore but if you could just get back to me through email that'd be awesome! Thanks! Steele is as cute as ever!

melissa marie said...

Darling! I think steele looks just like you.