Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Whirlwind of Life

My Glamor Shoot

This is just a sneak peak of the maternity photos that our good friends Karly Turner and Lori Hansen took for us. More to come once we get them back edited.
Second Glamor Shoot
This picture is 100% less glamorous than the first. I have been in the hospital twice in the past month. Once at 32 weeks I went into pre-term labor. It was Sunday and all day I had the worst cramp like tightening up my back and down my legs. It would make my face go bright red. I didn't know what conractions feel like so I just kept putting off saying anything. Once we had dinner they were just getting worse so we decided to call the doctor. She told me to go straight to Labor and Delivery! When we got to the hospital my contractions were 3-4 min apart. I felt so stupid for going in because I didn't want to be one of those women that goes to Labor and Delivery a million times. The nurse told me because I was only 32 weeks it was a very good thing we came in and told me if it happened again we should come back immidiately. I was not dilated at all nor effaced so they gave me a shot of morphine and some other drugs to stop my contractions. I was out for a full 24 hours! The morphine was awesome. They instructed me to take it very easy and every time I felt a contraction to lay down (hard to do when I am still trying to work).
My second trip was a week later. I had been having contractions for two days and finally Saturday night Brett and I went in. It turned out I had a bladder infection that was causing me to contract. They hooked me up to an IV and pumped me full of antibiotics to stop the infection. It was a relief that we found the problem. I still have contractions here and there but not near as bad as the ones I had for that week. We are so greatful we are going to have this baby when he is supposed to come.
BABY UPDATE: We had our ultrasound and his fluids are perfectly normal. He is just measuring BIG. Watch out comes a 10 pounder!!! J/K I hope NOT!!!
Ryan Turns 17!!
This is Ryan's birthday cobbler which was so hot inside when we were stupid enough to put the candles in they started melting from both ends. It was super funny! We had a tasty wax and peach cobbler!
Jill's gift to Ryan was awesome. She gave him $2 that she had saved up for him. She was so excited to give him her present.

Brett and I taught our family how to play scum. We played for hours. It was a fun birthday for Ryan!
Shower Time!
Thank you to everyone who came to support. This was my family shower on my side. A few of my co-workers were able to be there as well. Thanks EVERYONE!!
Lovely face right- ha ha.
My cousin Kelly was unable to come up from St. George but sent with her twin sister Karen a newly started first baby book for our little guy. Thanks Kelly!!!
All the little girls would "AWWWWW' over every little outfit.


The Colvins said...

I'm glad you like to baby book.

I was one of those ladies who went to labor and delivery a million times (okay, well 5 or 6 times)!

I love the picture with all of you around the table playing games--it's the classic Skousen picture!

Karen and Mike said...

Emily, You make a very cute pregnat lady. I can't wait to see Steele!

jenna marie said...

emily this sounds like exactly what happened to me!! i went in to pre term labor at 33 weeks and was at a 1 but like 80% effaced. they stopped my labor and put me on bed rest for two weeks...yuck!!! then i went in to labor two more times where they just gave me the morphine...then at 36 weeks and 3 days he was here!! they gave me the steroid shot for his lungs so i was happy for that! anyway you look awesome! hope he comes early but not TOO EARLY!

jenna marie said...

i have the chicco keyfit 30 car seat and travel system. i LOVE it and did a ton of research. it's more expensive than a graco but it won't break the bank. if you do it right babies r us is constantly sending out 15% fact i have one right now if you want it. i bought my car seat one month and my stroller the next just so i could use the coupon. i love it because most car seats only go up to 21 pounds and this one goes up to 30 so you'll have it much longer. also it's an s shape so the baby sits in farther so that as he grows tall he can also sit in it longer. i LOVE it. i'm guessing the total was around $350.

Alex said...

Hey! I'm sorry that I couldn't make it to your shower but Will and I are comming up this weekend the 13th and your gift is waiting to be opened! I hope you love it!

Carrie said...

Love the glamor shot. It is really cute.

dannyndes said...

Oh, Emily I am so so sorry about your crazy times. I am glad all is well and that little guy is hanging on for a little longer! I can't wait for you guys to have that little one here. It is so great! Good luck and keep holding him in! Let us know when the big day arrives.