Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Showers

Spring is such a beautiful time of year and the weather has been mostly temperamental. My question is....

Doesn't Spring=Babies?
Apparently mother nature doesn't think so. I know I may still have a week but at my appointment onWednesday Dr. Judd said this baby isn't coming till at LEAST my due date of April 6th. Even worse he is taking the entire Easter week end off of April 9th through the 13th so if I don't go on my own I can't be enduced until he gets back on April 14th!! And my mom just told me my family will out of town the 13th through the 15th!! I hope to prove him wrong but if not my family will miss out on the first grand baby! I don't think she will end up going if it comes down to that but who knows :(
I am ready to bring this little one into the world! Yesterday Brett and I went for a half hour speed walk and did several other "activities" that supposedly help induce labor. No luck here!
At the temple back on March 13th- Sheridan Robbie and Scott Christensen's wedding. It was a little chilly but over all a beautiful day. Congrats to both of them! They are perfect for each other.

Family is the BEST!

We have been spending most of our time at Brett's parents house along with everyone else in the Brady family. We all have dinner most nights (I don't have the energy to cook any longer) and it really keeps my mind off how large I am. We play fun games and watch all of our favorite shows. It's like a party there every night! A BIG thank you to Lynn who is always such a great listener and both Brittany and Lynn who cook every night for well more people than live at the Brady home. You guys are the best!

Hangin with the fam.

Cute Madi!! She loves Brett and always wonders where "Bet" is. She is adorable!

Hallie loved her first ride this year on Brett's motorcycle. She hung on extremely tight but loved every minuet. Check our Hallie's face and her legs wrapped around Brett. She is so cute! Don't worry we only went down the street and back:)

Brady Family Shower and some close friends
Thank you to everyone who made my shower so fun. Britttany, Carrie, Chelsey and Lynn all helped throw me a great shower with fun games and GREAT food. Once again I have great family! Thanks everyone!

Me, Karly and Kristin
Fun Diaper Cake- Is this not the cutest idea ever. It is full of useful trinkets!


Brittany said...

OH little Steele will be here before you know it although I know that is the last thing you want to hear a week before your due date. Hallie and Madi are definitely excited to meet your little goldfish!!! Just don't go into labor this weekend because we will be out of town, but after sunday is totally fine!!!

Alex said...

Man! That is some bad luck with the due dates. I didn't know that your due date is April 6th! Will and I were married on April 6th :) Its a pretty sweet day.

The Colvins said...

Ahh, the last month of pregnancy is tourture!! Best of luck to you--hope you fam will all be there for your little ones arrival.

Lindsay said...

You look darling! I wanna see you soon! Hope this baby comes soon. It sucks to go over due date!

Carrie said...

I am so excited for Steele to come.

jenna marie said...

you can. you can. you can!!! that dang dr. judd...always ruining plans :) i love him though. hopefully you deliver soon! can't wait to see your sweetie!

Bri, Ash and Ty said...

I heard you had your baby! Congrats! Try to get any sleep you can.

Preston & Shawnee said...

Okay so should you should have your baby boy by now! I'm so curious to know how you're doing?? I hope you don't have to wait until your doctor and family come back, that would be torture! Anyway you're looking so cute and I can't wait to see your little boy! Good luck Emily!!!
P.S. I want you to know how much I loved your comment on my blog a while ago about all the TV shows. Ha it was hilarious. I'm so glad you're obsessed with those shows too! :)