Thursday, February 18, 2010

let's make this a yearly tradition

grand targhee, idaho
we spent this past weekend in beautiful grand targhee idaho. brett's aunt jeanette and uncle rod were so kind to let us stay at their cabin for the weekend. the first day we spent skiing at the grand targhee resort. brett's little sis hayley, aunt jeanette and i rocked the mountain.... well we thought we did. i hadn't been skiing in about 3 years so i was proud of my skills. it was the best time of our so fun! brett, uncle rod and zach did some true skiing and conquerded the entire mountain. visibility was not the best but we skied pure powder! i mean i have never skiied in snow like that....EVER! it was beautiful snow! thanks to brittany and brandon we were able to go. they watched little steele back at the cabin so we could have a great day.

the rest of our trip was filled with family fun! snowmobiling, sledding, good food, games and quality family time.

when the sun was out it was very warm. we probably didn't even need our coats but with all the rolling around in the snow it was smart to stay dry.

hal was very helpful as always. now she even feeds steele all by herself. pretty impressive for a 4 yr old!
the back porch had about 3 feet of  fluffy snow. we had a blast jumping from the back porch into the powder. look close and check out our faces. we got some better pics on other cameras but this was the best from mine. craziness.

the boys just aren't as cool as the girls....

happy valentine's day
crazy love
{disclaimer: i am not responsible if anyone reads this that is not supposed to...}
 we all say hayley is in love but she'll bashfully disagree. she just met the guy 3 weeks ago. we'll have to see what happens. he sent her this beautiful bouquet of flowers all the way up at the cabin because they couldn't be together on v-day. he did his research and found the one flower shop that would deliver all the way up to this rural place. Ahhhh.
hayley then returned the favor and left a day early to surprise him on valentines day. josh and i helped her cut out tons of hearts to decorate his room. {hayley needs to go back to the second grade and learn how to cut out a decent heart. you should see the hearts she cut. seriously hilarious!}
boys bath time- bentley always takes baths with his girl cousins and he finally got to take a boys bath. they had so much fun splashing and going crazy.

this was the result of their fun....
front porch view
this was the view from the front porch. the two highest peaks are the Tetons.

steele was able to spend lots of quality time with daddy
our family
good food
{mmm...nachos and ice cream. nice combo chels}
lots of practice
good times with the cousins


Bart & Crystal said...

Ahhhh! That looks so much fun!!! I love when we go up to my aunt and uncle's cabin. That's where Koda had his first snowmobile ride. I'm glad you guys got to get away and have a break. :)

Karen and Mike said...

Such great pictures!

kels&murr said...

ahh we LOVE LOVE LOVE grand targhee! when chels told me you all were going we were so jealous! someday we may just join you!!! how cute of haylees bf or guy friend!!! i hear he is a keeper. love this post! ps. steele is adorable!

Greg and Sarah Nelson said...

Looks like fun! I sure miss that part of Idaho and I haven't gone skiing in forever!

Brittany said...

I love the picture of Brett and Steele, seriously how cute is he and his big cheesy smile. I still need to download my pics and then I will send you some.

We need to get away again...such a fun weekend.

TJ and Chelsey said...

GOOD TIMES!! I think that those pictures of Steele are my favorite in the whole world! I love "the face" I could just kiss his cheeks all day long. You need to frame those picture! oh and i'll give you the rest of the jumping ones, i even have a video of you! :-)

Stan & Ash said...

Haha ok so i thought this whole time i had written you back and so when i saw that comment...i was confused cause i thought i was waiting to hear from you. Then i go to my email and find my response to you in the drafts folder...haha so it will be sent soon!
Your family is adorable looks like you guys had a nice break!

Toni S. Cook said...

I can't believe what a little man Steele is now! It's only been a couple months since I've seen him but he is definitely growing up fast (and cute!). These pictures are great, looks like you guys had an awesome family vacation!

melissa marie said...

Targee is beautiful!! How do you know Chelsea? I danced with her at Center Stage. Oh and thank you so much for the earring advice, that is a great idea. Do you have any suggestions of where I should take her to get it done?