Sunday, February 7, 2010

ten months

{steele is now ten months}

i blinked and now he looks like a little boy
what happened to my baby?
he is still the cuddliest baby around and
he'll lay on my chest and look up at me with his curious eyes
it melts my heart every time
his thumb has to be in his mouth for him to cuddle, but it really is so cute
he is such a loveable, even tempered little munchin
he now has 3 almost 4 teeth and knows how to use them

these are some of steele's tricks:
{at our house we call them tricks, i promise he is not our pet}
high five
 "the face"
{smiles on comand with his eyes closed, also does this automatically when you pull out a camera}
touch down
{reaches his arms in the air}
knows where mommy's eyes and nose are {only mommy's}
how old are you going to be?
 {still working on this, he'll hold up one finger}
takes 2-3 steps without falling
{not walking at all but making progress}
"who is it?" 
{when you give him anything he'll put it up to his ear and talk on it like a phone, today it was chapstick}

steele is very shy. he rarely performs any of his trick around new guests. he tends to look down when he meets anyone new.  

speed demon {steele has mastered crawling. he is so speedy he can't keep even the drool in his mouth. He is even more speedy when he is headed for something he's not suppose to play with like in this picture he is headed straight for the camera.}

touch down
happy super bowl sunday everyone


Carrie said...

I loved Lost.

Kristin and Dan said...

What a cutie! PS...I LOVE those striped walls in your bathroom!

The Colvins said...

He is so cute! I love that you call his milestones "tricks"--that's what they really are anyway--purely for our entertainment :)

McKenna said...

Oh, my goodness! He is so dang cute! Love all of the things he does, stinkin' cute! I love the stripes on your walls too, adoreable!

MVP Family said...

You are going to have your hands full on the playground this summer! He is so busy and that smile, gotta love him!

Truly and Shane said...

cute post I've read it way too many times c'mon post pics of the trip already! I want to see all the fun!!!!

Brittany said...

He is so cute...I love that little smile.

grant + brittany said...

he is so freaking cute. thanks again for your donations :)