Sunday, June 13, 2010

what i live for

 my bed this very moment holds these two

this is what i live for
moments of tender love and adornment

my entire life i have wanted what i now have
an amazing husband and "mommy" on my resume


i haven't written for a while about my little steeley wheeley 
he is now 14 months old and is full of life 

he is one of the most even-tempered, mellow kids i've ever known
he is extremely loving. everything he does is without a care

what steele lives for....
his blue blanky
his thumb (working on that)
bagels and cream cheese
string cheese
anything in a sippy
bath time
anything outside
rocks and dirt
tea (he loves to cuddle with her)
mickey mouse clubhouse
getting into tea's dog food and feeding her
cuddling with anyone who is willing

as for a list of things steele dislikes....
getting his nose picked

what steele can sign....
thank you
all done

what steele can say....
 (not a whole lot, mostly animal noises)
uh oh
fish (he puckers his lips)
hot (only once but said with perfect clarity)
hat (twice)

what body parts steele knows...
belly button

i've come to the conclusion that
there are maybe a hand full of people
who will even read and care about this post.
yet still i write. i want to have all of
his accomplishments written down.

this is definitely a post only
mom's will understand.


Greg and Sarah Nelson said...

Don't worry, I read it and I care about it! It's actually fun because Devri is 4 months behind Steele so now I get to see what she might be doing or what I should try to work on with her. Steele's a cutie, as always!

Nic & Trudi said...

I love these posts. I still do them and I totally understand why us mom's do them. We want to remember what our child has learned at what age. We miss playing with you guys and can't wait to play when we get back.

Nic & Trudi said...
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Nic & Trudi said...
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Nic & Trudi said...
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Nic & Trudi said...

Emily I have no idea why my comment posted so many times. I'm sorry!!

Bart & Crystal said...

Don't call me a girl, but I understand. - Bart

It's super cute to read about all that Steele can do. He is growing up so fast. We are excited with all that we have to look forward to with Koda!

Brittany said...

Love the picture...that is so sweet. A blog is such a great to way to document all this stuff...keep it up.

Chloé said...

you make me so excited to have kids! you are such a great mother emily! steele is so lucky to have you! and thanks for the comment about my header! actually.. i do everything on picnik! haha, i have just learned to get more creative than i ever thought possible..haha, i just started adding shapes and somehow ended up creating that! i enjoy messing around with layouts and headers more than blogging itself! haha. i love your blog though! your layout is awesome and you always have the cutest headers! i honestly thought you must have used photoshop as well! i want photoshop too....

jenna said...

i love this post em! so so so sweet!

okay i haven't posted them yet but i'm looking at these pictures of the boys together. they look alike! it's crazy!

the hopkins said...

Love this post Emily, and I TOTALLY understand :) Steely Wheely is so cute and such a handsome little guy. I can't believe he can sign that much!! I really wish I would have done that with Cohen, because it can sometimes get frustrating not knowing what they want.
I thought I'd tell you, we are coming to Orem this weekend! And I'd love to go to lunch with you, and Chloe, and whoever else. ... that's if you don't have plans already. Anyway, let me know if you want to! Here's my # 801.602.0904

{davis family} said...

your blog and family are so cute!!! we love seeing you guys out on the playground, and hope to get to know you better!

our blog is private, but send us an email and i'll invite ya over. :) {}

Sarah said...

Such a cute picture!!! Brea and Steele need to get together soon!!

Frampton Family said...

Hey Emily! I don't know if you remember me. I talked to you over a year ago about invetro. Well guess what? We are headed down to LA the beginning of next month to do the procedure with Dr. Marrs. I tried calling you the other day, but I think you have a different number now. Anyway, I would love to get some advise as to what things we should be doing from your stand point. If you could email me your number, that would be great.

Janelle frampton