Thursday, July 1, 2010

my manniversary

ingnore the cheesy title of this post and
just realize that we've been married
amazing years. five years people. that's
a very long time. but each year has
brought us both so much happiness.

year one:
emily working at rc willey
emily getting amazing discounts for the new house
living with grandma white for 3 months
brett going to school and working
become first time home owners of a little condo
emily begging brett to have a baby with her

year two:
emily on her knees begging brett to have a baby
tea becomes the baby in the family
lots of work
lots of play

year three:
pebble beach, ca/ mexican riviera cruise
IVF trip to cali
success and pregnant

year four:
steele joins our family
brett graduates
summer adventures with the new one
san diego, ca

year five:
coming soon!
much much more adventures
cross our fingers for another round of IVF

brett is my very best friend. ask any of brett's
siblings and they'll tell you he's a solid,
down to earth kind of guy. ask anyone in
my family, they'll tell you he's a brother 
to them and feel like he fits right in.
ask my mom or dad and they'll tell you he's
their favorite...or at least brett would hope so.

brett has made my life complete.
full of joy and happiness that i never
knew i could feel. he grounds me in the
 gospel and helps me be a better person.

brett is one of the hardest honest workers i know.
he is always willing to help my dad in the yard,
do the dishes, and pick up after he has
already worked a long day. he continues
to support our family, love our family and treat
 me better than anyone could.

my dad got lucky with brett. he was able
to give his daughter's hand to someone who
he would never have to be concerned about.
i know my parents have peace of mind
knowing that brett is my companion.

i love you brett. and know you love me.

happy five!


Nic & Trudi said...

Congratulations on 5 years you two!!! It's amazing how fast time flies. And Emily we are missing playing with you guys. I need you to text me your phone number because all of my contacts got deleted!!!

emily+brett said...

You got that right. We are sure thankful you and Brett found each other. You and the whole family bring us great joy. Sorry Brett but I think Steele has to be my favorite right at the moment.
Love you all, Mom Skousen

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

Hi. I just randomly found your blog through a comment on Chloe's? I know. Random. But I had to comment because your blog is so cute! Your little boy is adorable. Hope you don't mind me reading! Congrats on the 5 years!

the hopkins said...

This was sweet Emily. Happy 5 years!!!
p.s. It was so fun going to lunch with you a couple weeks ago. I loved just talking and reuniting again! You're such a fun person, and steele is just a cutie!