Friday, August 13, 2010

vitamin D

one of steele's favorite summer activities is playing in the hose.
any time the water is turned on for the garden or flowers he is right there
wanting the hose. most of the time i just strip him down and
let him go to town. you would think the freezing cold hose water would
startle him, but no. he giggles with delight.

{lake powell 2010}
lake powell was a success and steele is alive and well.
trust me i was extremely apprehensive to take an active one year old
on a boat surrounded by water for four days.
brett and i decided we could do it but we set strict rules for both of us!

i came up with the idea to wear a slap bracelet (remember those from back in the day?!)
and who ever was wearing the bracelet was in charge of steele.
this would prevent one of us from saying "hey watch him for a min" and
that person doesn't hear or forgets they're in charge. i also
liked the idea of having something physical to remind us at all times
that we were to not let steele out of our sight.

my goal was not to even have one scare. you know that panicked heart sinking feeling of
"where's steele!". success. he was always with someone and really it
wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be. however i never let my guard down.

{beautiful powell}
our spot was really fun this year. we had a nice beachy place for the kids to play
and some really cool slot canyons to explore on the wave runners.

{soakin up the vitamin D}
this raft was fun for the kids and the big kids. i love laying in the sun. really
more anything. my lil brotha ryan is at that age were he wants to be supper
tan for the ladies so he got really really dark. but he also went for the entire week of powell.
he also loves to pester me. well i really give it to him too. but someone said once i got
there he finally had someone to pick on. great. i couldn't go for nice swim without
him jumping in and pulling me under the water. or throwing something at my head. 

me and some of the boys went on a really fun hike up the face of our canyon.
it was a lot of fun to get really high and see the beautiful view of our spot.
you can't really tell but we got pretty dang high.

we enjoyed some unreal sunsets and enormous thunder and lightning storms down at powell.
i'm not sure why ryan doesn't have a shirt on. oh wait it's because is so cool
that he can't wear a shirt. he has to show off his hot bod and flex for the picture.
what a looser. lol. i'm gonna miss him a heck of a lot when he leaves on the mish.

{mischievous steele}
luckily he isn't too much of a climber. he would climb up onto
the railing but would never get much further than that.

steele loved pushing the gas on the waver runner.
he would give it a go then realize we were going faster then let go.
it was fun seeing all these firsts.

this little floatation device was great. you can lay in this little blow up
with your kid. steele loved this because he could just relax in the nice cool
water. he wasn't feeling so hot after throwing up on the car ride to lake powell
then cutting two molars. he had a fever for two days straight. good thing mom brought
lots of tylenol for the little guy just in case.

below is a close up of how steeley was feeling. not so hot.
i felt awful because steele then gave the stomach flu to both aunt fergie and aunt didi.
jennifer started throwing up and then heidi. if you have ever been on a house
boat there really isn't anywhere to go to escape so heidi was up on top of the house boat with
everyone else all night long hacking up a lung.
i then started feeling achy and like i was going to puke but then started feeling congested.
i ended up getting an awful head cold with sinus pressure and fever.
not the ideal heath for a vacation but we all made the best of it.
{soda pop}
one thing always make this little dudder happy.
this was the morning we left. i started really not feeling well
and it has lasted an entire week since. complete misery!

i think i am ready to be home for a while!
even though we will be home we have lots of busyness
going on! brett has flag foot ball coming up and is on two
teams this year.  he is also on a softball team.

so that means

monday: flag football
tuesday: softball
wednesday: YW for emily
thursday: flag football

not sure how i'm going to keep up.
but it'll be fun and i always love going to the games.

that's all for now my friends.


{davis family} said...

SO cute. i love lake powell. it's seriously the best! it looks like you guys had a blast!

so, i remember seeing a post with your phone number for whenever we went to the pool. i need it again, i feel bad i haven't gotten a hold of's been a crazy busy summer. we'll hang out though!!

{hope you're feeling better}

Keith and Charayye said...

I love how you have Steele's deal covered by a star in the hose picture! That's awesome! Lake Powell looked so beautiful! Looks like you had a great time! Steele is just adorable!!!

Emily Frame said...

you're too kind.

so funny about your family making fun of you-- i think my family is just used to it since i've always dressed a little weird for them. i get ripped on too, but i guess the trick is, is that i'm always the first to make fun of myself.
they know i don't take it too seriously, i think fashion should be fun, so they joke with me & then they get over it.

good luck!
p.s. your little steele is too cute.

Nic & Trudi said...

Looks like you all had a blast there. We need to play so I hope you're feeling better!! Call me!

Karly said...

Wow, you are so brave. I have to tell you, you are my motivation about all things to do with Olivia. I keep asking myself, would emily freak out about this, and the answer is alway no. Seriously, I ask myself that question once a week :)

the hopkins said...

Okay... so did you know we were in lake powell at the same time?!? Emily, hahaha, we have been following each other around ALL summer! This is hilarious. Glad you guys had a fun time. This was the first time we weren't on a houseboat, and I think I would have been a lot more nervous about Cohen if we were. Anyway, your family is all so cute, I love all the pics!

the hopkins said...

ps. i love how you edited that first picture! hahaha.

melissa marie said...

so jealous. i love lake powell. p.s. how gorgeous are you in the downeast black one piece in the previous post. stunning!

Bart & Crystal said...

Oh so much fun!!! I love the Powell pictures. I think you guys camped in the exact same spot we did several years ago. It was a great little cove & beach. Hope you're feeling a little better today. With no car ride, Koda slept from was great. Come see us soon.

Truly and Shane said...

I want to go to Powell this year! The Houseboat is still up for grabs... 2 weeks from today we could be lazy little pieces, drinking diet cokes, and having bonfires at night. We should get the fam together and go.
I couldnt wait for you to come home so I could stop worrying about Steele! No lie!

Stan & Ash said...

I LOVE that picture with steele and his Soda! Haha his face is priceless!!

I love the wristband idea too! i am going to steal that from ya.
Our little one isn't even here yet and i am already freaking out about taking her to the lake or any large form of water. awe and the worrying starts!

reno and mel said...

I am soo jealous!! I love love Lake powell and have not been for so long!! You look beautiful in all your pics and looks like you guys are having a fun summer. We come back next week and I hope I am still your VT:) If not, we will have to play anyway!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Steele is growing SO much! He's a little man now! What a fun summer you guys have had too. It's always fun to be doing so much but I bet a little home and normalcy for a while will be nice :) I hope you and your YW are doing well! I'm sure they still just LOVE having you for their leader. Thanks again for all the help and ideas you gave me. It was so helpful!