Friday, July 30, 2010

summer event overload

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truthfully, i am not sure where to begin.
i haven't been able to keep up with my own life.
let's just begin and you'll see why i've been missing for the past month.
{my goal is to have 1-2 pictures per event...... we'll see}

girls trip 2010, new port beach ca

hayley's bridals were taken on beautiful newport beach.
of course we all had to be there so we made a fun girls trip out of it.
as i said in my last post it was my first trip away from steele
but so worth it. we all rocked it out kidless. we except for hallie. but
she's one of the big girls at heart.
{beautiful bride hayley}

this was the first girls trip my sis in law truly was able to go on.
we all loved having her there with us!
she had the lucky privilege of sleeping with me.....
i've always known i'm kind of crazy sleeper but i felt so bad for making her
completely sleep deprived! i slept on her stomach the first night and
kept calling her honey. the next night i put a pillow
between us in hopes of keeping me on my side of the bed.
but no, i wrapped my legs around her the entire night long.
another night i had a night terror and was kneeling
straight up in bed, flailing my arms in the air yelling profanities!

wow, i felt so bad.
sorry everyone and especially truly!
i will sleep on the floor the next girls trip.

{truly and i at newport beach}

{mother of the bride/ my second mom}

disneyland was so much fun with all the girls.
it was my birthday so i got to wear a pin that announced my
celebration to everyone passing me by.
i could not believe how many time i was wished a
happy birthday. it just made me smile.

i love how candid this picture is.
hallie was my little buddy at the beach.
there is something incredible about the beach.
so soothing and peaceful.

next was our anniversary.
5 years feels remarkable

july 4, 2010
stadium of fire

{this picture is typical brett and emily}

provo parade on center street

this was steele's first parade.
you could tell he was timid but loved the excitement!
we had an amazing spot thanks to shane and truly.
my family even got to tag along.

i got a glimpse of what it would be like to have triplets......
fun but exhausting. a few weeks latter i watched
the triplets {the twins and steele} and hallie and madi.
5 kids under the age of 5. wow.

i couldn't help but post how adorable these
cupcakes turned out. my sis in law chels is awesome at baking
and i helped her make these beautiful petal cupcakes
for hayley's bridal shower. to die for right?!
they're actually marshmallows cut at a diagnal and
dipped in colored sugar. the sugar only adheres to the 
inside of the marshmallows because it's sticky. get it?
the arranging of the mallows is
time consuming but what an amazing result!

also, oreo sunflowers!

{the B.I.G. day}
i can't even start typing this without laughing.
the following picture is hayley and eric walking out of the temple.
yes. hayley full on fell as she through her arms in the air with
excitement. i have never laughed so hard in my life.
it is so hayley to fall like this. i wish i had video. it was classic.

GQ here comes steele brady
{the wedding was beautiful. simply beautiful. fun. bright and completely hayley}

brittany naef {sister of the bride} was the full on wedding planner for this wedding. she is amazing and her vision turned out beautiful. she is one of the most amazing florists and lucky for anyone planning a wedding she has her own floral design business. 
check her out here.

pool partay

best part of the night!!! jumping in the pool. i've wanted to do this at each of the 3 weddings we have had at grandma white's house. it took some serious convincing but we got everyone to jump in {well except for the few party poopers... you know who you are.}

{girls camp, 2010}
mutual dell, american fork canyon

the morning after the wedding i left for girls camp.
with only a few hours of sleep i made up to girls camp.
i grew up going to shalom, so this was a new experience for me.

i love my young women and had an exhausting amount of fun with them!
fitting in with the young women isn't really difficult for me.
the problem is that i feel like i'm still their age.
it is an amazing being around such strong young women.

bear lake, 2010
the morning i arrived home from camp we left for bear lake.
i know people. i've been running around preparing food, packing
ice chests and suit cases. laundry has been put off for much to long.
all the while trying to stay sane.

we had so much fun with the morris's, mcgiven's, wilde's and marshall's.
scrumptious food, beautiful scenery and welcoming fun company
make for a great get away!

everything in this post has been within the past month!
i feel like staying home for a while.
everything we've been up to has been so fun
but extremely draining. i just can't catch up.
we leave for powell next week! 
i enjoy being together as a family and love
seeing steele discover new places and people.

we live a good live to say the least!


Lara said...

You are so cute. I don't know how you can be so busy and still function! Your summer sounds like it's been so much fun! You must be part wonder woman or something.

that picture of your sister in law is hilarious. I started laughing out loud when I saw it. Their reception looks like it was AMAZING!

Lindsay said...

Looks like you have had a fun summer! Such cute pictures em! You look great! That Steele is to die for in that suit! :) glad you are havin fun!

Stan & Ash said...

yay! Finally an update! Looks like you have been having a great summer. Makes me think me and Stan need to go on a trip or something. lol.
I love Steel's wedding outfit. SO cute!

Karly said...

WOW... you have been a crazy busy girl! I love all the beach pics! what a fun day. I'm not going to give up bugging you until you come visit me in Pittsburgh... but maybe i'll wait a few months to start so you can catch your breath! Give Steele a love for Olivia :)

Truly and Shane said...

First off, I never thought I'd really know how Brett feels...claustrophobic, smothered, bruised, scared the first night, teriified the second, petrified the third when I heard profanities and witnessed a chanting spasm. I didn't know what drowning looked like in mid air but now I do. consider myself lucky. By the fourth night I pretty much grew some balls and launched you back to your side.

I loved that trip and all our memories. Running red lights, eating your cupcakes in bed at midnight, bringing trail mix to church, bumping the back left tire every time going into Chelsey's gate, watching you have anxiety driving in the carpool lane, salivating over disneyland churros, and especially loved the really long uncomfortable drive home... oh wait. I flew. haha

Busy post, busy month, cute pictures! Love the parade one and the one in my backyard. that was nice of you to bring Britt girls over to get them out of the way that day. Good luck at Powell. I swear I'd have a leash on that boy

Alex said...

Ok...Im totally jealous of your freaking AMAZING summer. *Confession* When I think of living and loving life to its fullest I think of you :) You are my inspiration for fun and enjoying life! Im not going to miss out any more! I refuse...SCREW school...I'm ditching work, school and whatever next time you invite me to one of your wild ADVENTURES!

P.S. So my good friend Steph (the one in the silly girls photo shoot that we did...the one with the mammory cannons), she lives in PG and she most likely wont be able to make it to our photo shoots here in St. Georgie. So she needs fun, crazy, wild, and risk taking girls to do shoots with her up north and I totally thought of you. If you are interested let me know! Ill give her your info and have her contact you.



grant + brittany said...

okay jumping in the pool in your dresses!!!??? that looks SOOOOOOOO FUN!!! what a fun memory. looks like you have been super busy!

i'll think about doing a button option. can i make a request for some upcoming posts for you? can you do some on stuff that inspires you or decorating ideas you love or just stuff like that? i think you really have a knack for decorating and i still think the living room you helped do with your mom is just so gorgeous. i just want to see into your brain a bit more. ya know what i'm saying?

the hopkins said...

Wow, you have been busy Emily!!! I loved seeing everything you've done. That wedding looks so fun for summer, and that is HILARIOUS she fell coming out of the temple doors! I'm sure that picture will go down in history ha. Those cupcakes you made are beautiful! And girls camp looked like fun, I better you are all the girls favorite leader!! :)
So that's too funny we had the exact same day on the 24th! I wish we would have know, we totally would have loved to see you guys, and little Steele. Anyway, glad you had fun!

the hopkins said...

P.s. I wanted to tell you, you look darling in all these pictures! Love your style Emily.

Sarah said...

K that picture of Brett's sister falling on her wedding day is so funny. You told me about it, but the picture is great!! Ha ha, When is our next trip??

Keith and Charayye said...

How fun Emily! You had some fun events! I love the picture of the 3 of you at Haley's wedding all dressed up in the colors! Steele looks so cute with his little yellow tie! And how cute is he in his little GQ suit! I need one for Vander! And I LOVE the cupcakes! WOW! You did an amazing job! Great post!