Sunday, September 26, 2010

goodbye summer

this was our last trip to grandma's pool this summer
summer is my absolute favorite season of the year {i've always loved winter too}
although i have learned to really love fall and spring {used to hate both}
there is nothing like a summer of freedom 
a dip in the refreshing pool, competitive games of sand volley ball,
tasty bbq flank steak and my favorite, golden summer skin 

and now i have to say goodbye
i wait as long as possible until i come to the realization that it's gone
october is a week away and i'm finally excepting it
i'm going to embrace fall this year
enjoy the leaves, apples, pumpkins, treats and crisp cool air

the four seasons in utah are undoubtedly like nowhere else
what is your favorite season?


{davis family} said...

mm. i love fall! but it needs to last a lot longer. i hate the end of fall when it's dead and ugly and cold..and you're just waiting for snow.

and those wreaths. text or call me anytime this week and we'll do them together. for reals. they won't be getting the wreaths in until tuesday at roberts, so anytime after that is good. {435.619.4752}


Truly and Shane said...


Lara said...

I love fall over all others. October is the best month of the year! Cute clothes, Boots, Jackets. Halloween. Haunted Houses. Apples, Peaches, Grapes mmm! I love Summer too, but Fall is my season.

Lara said...

AND.. all the good TV shows start back up :)

kylee said...

you, your blog, & your family are adorable. i love summer and wish winter would never come.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh saying goodbye to summer is always so hard but I'm a fall girl so from the heartache I have from saying goodbye to the summer sun - I'm equally excited for the leaves, sweaters, colored tights and boots.

But you are so right - the four seasons in Utah are definitely not like anywhere else! What a beautiful place to enjoy every season FULLY!

Elaine said...

Oh, so cute!! Myf ave is definitely fall - I love the changing leaves!

So sorry to break it to you, Emily, but I am totally an L.A. newbie myself!!! I have no idea where all the hot spots are. I wish we could scour out all the great thrifting spots together!! I hope your IVF appointment goes well!!!

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Bart & Crystal said...

I love summer, the absolute best! But I still have a hard time welcoming Fall. :)

jenna said...

i mean i really do love fall, but saying good bye to summer is always difficult for me! means we're one step closer to utah's nasty winters :(

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Fall in Utah is amazing :)

Keith and Charayye said...

Goodbye summer:( I love the warmth! However I do like the snow for the holiday season but after Christmas I want it GONE!!! But I do LOVE fall! So excited for the beautiful fall colors!

Keith and Charayye said...

P.S. Your wardrobe post below is great! What a great idea! Good job!