Sunday, October 10, 2010

you and me

brett and i treated ourselves to a much needed get away
where did we escape to?
a warm beach, shopping malls, thrifting, movie {finally saw inception}
& really just some much need rest and relaxation

my great aunt dorris and uncle marion {my grandpa's brother and wife}
were so kind to let us stay in their little cottage
behind their home in glendale, ca

it was the perfect little haven that we needed
it was so nice to be together and strengthen our relationship

what did we do?
{lunch outing to the santa monica pier}
{lots of beach time}

{out on the town with friends}
ryan and jenny redford live out in la. it was fun hittin the
hollywood hot spots with them. they were great tour guides.
 my camera was being lame and wouldn't focus as you can tell.

 {hollywood walk of fame, chinese theatre, kodak theatre}
i had to include this picture for my sister jenn. she and i love house and when i saw this awesome enormous billboard i had to snap a pic!

 {clark gable}
only brett's family will get this but we found our favorite movie star's hand prints. brett found
clark gable's and i had to snap a pic. i thought it was hilarious!
{julie andrews}
i've always loved julie andrews. i had to take one with her hands which by the way are so tiny!

at my aunt and uncles they have the most delightful fruit trees. we made a large pitcher of fresh lemonade but my absolute favorite was the fresh orange juice! we squeezed oranges numerous times because they were in season. i love lots of pulp in my orange juice and the juicer we used left much to my liking. superbly succulent!

there was much much more that we did in cali but that will have to wait for now.
we even had a few surprise visitors while we were there.

more later.....


Truly and Shane said...

your Hollywood walk of fame picture is awesome only because your standing in front of Nordies and Crate and Barrel... could I ask for two more amazing stores?!!

You look gorgeous in the 'Santa Monica Lunch' pic that Brett took of you both.

Cant WAIT to hear how the rest of the trip went!!!

Erin said...

I just love your posts, Cali looked so fun! I can't wait to hear the rest!!

Carrie said...

Looks like fun. Everyone needs a vacation like that.