Friday, October 22, 2010

falling in love

i truly am falling in love with fall more and more each year. in the past it hasn't been my favorite but now it might just be coming close. as always we are out and about doing so much all the time. here are a few of events and activities we have been up to.

{steele's 18 months check-up}
i adore this first picture. he looks like he is reciting the pledge of allegiance.
look at those eyes. so innocent.  
 we take pictures to stay entertained while waiting for the doctor.
 steeley wheeley's stats
33 inches- 90%
27 lbs- 50%

{picking our pumpkins}

{raking leaves with cousins}
 don't mind his girly pose. and yes this is how steele smiles every time i pull out the camera.....

{amy & adam simmon's sealing}
this was a beautiful experience! not only were amy and adam sealed but little
ruby got to join them and be sealed to them too. amy is also pregnant so the
experience was so special and gave me a more eternal perspective.

this picture was taken before amy and adam came out of the temple
and we forgot to take another once they did...oops

{zach's endowment}
the very next day we were able to attend zach's endowment session.
i have really learned to love and adore zach. he is so easy going
and a great kid. he is going to the leon, mexico mission in january. he will be missed!

it was an amazing experience because brett's entire family was able to be
there all together. what an accomplishment for brett's parents right?!
all of their children and spouses have made it to the temple.

{the original brady family}
left to right
shane, brett, chelsey, hayley, carrie, zach, brittany, lynn, bill
and yes, brett and shane are holding hands.
 when the "siblings only" picture was taken, all the in-laws said
fine, we're taking an "in-laws only" picture. ha ha.
{best family anyone could marry into}
 left to right
josh{carrie's}, brandon{brittany's}, me, truly{shane's},tj{chels'},eric{hayley's}

{all of us} 
and zach laying across all the ladies

{a little mini}
we went to cascade last week end and it was cold! steele didn't mind a bit though.
he loves golfing! and fortunately mini golf putters are ambidextrous because
steele is left handed. try finding a golf set for a left handed 18 month old.....
 the other golfers. they both did awesome. hallie was profesh!
 with a little help from dad, steele learned good form.

{first fort building}
this brought back such fun memories for me. i sent my dad a text reminding him
of all the awesome forts we build over the years. brett being a structural
engineer had to make sure it was perfectly sound. i wanted to leave it up for
my young women's presidency meeting we were having the next morning so all
the kids could play in it and be entertained. brett wouldn't leave it up
because he didn't get to spend enough time to make it perfect. haha.

video won't load. stuppid blogger.

{the little gym}
steele loves his new class at the little gym.
he learns social and motor skills and loves being with mommy.
he also loves playing with his cousins ashton and linny
who are also in his class. they run and around go crazy.


Lara said...

those pictures of Steele are SO adorable. He is such a sweet boy. Was that gym Kangaroo Zoo? I want to go there now that you guys told us about it! Lets go to hee haws when it stops raining this week!

melissa marie said...

that picture of steele golfin is darling! i love that you guys are doing a little gym class together!

Carrie said...

Cute Pics! Lots of stuff going on!