Friday, January 28, 2011

not so pink

i am getting more and more excited to have a girl. 
one thing i know for sure is that pink is not the first thing 
that comes to my mind when i think of a girl. 
i am in love with black, grey and neutrals for a baby girl.
then the colors comes into play with splashes 
of rich color in the accessories.

don't get me wrong. 
she will be seen in pink now and then
but my motto {if  you can say it's a motto}still stands.
which is that i don't put anything on steele that i wouldn't
have brett wear and i don't want to put anything on 
this little girl that i wouldn't wear {well to a certain extent, she will wear 
big bows that i would never be caught dead in...}

finding girl clothes size newborn-six months is 
near impossible with this motto. i went up 
to nordstrom rack because i had a return to make 
and i scoured the racks. nothing. 
i ended up in the section i feel most comfortable, 
little boys. steele got some cute button-ups but 
i left with nothing girl. i need help. 
girl store suggestions anyone?  

 as for me, well i'm still not feeling so great these days {actually threw
up next to the dumpster outside today}.....
BUT it is a constant reminder of how lucky i am to be able to carrying a child.
nurturing a little person is such a miracle and i am just fine
with feeling lousy if it means another little baby can come into our family.

i'm going to blame me looking so hammered on my camera being so crapy
and me deciding to take pictures at the end of the day when
i am so ready for bed it's not funny. i've thought about cropping my 
head off in these pics and i probably should have but then
i just thought i'm being too dramatic and i'm always going to be my own worst critic. 

i will be 19 weeks on sunday and then have my 
20 week ultrasound the week after next. i love
getting the chance to see my precious girl and i'm anxious
to make sure everything is growing normal. 

almost half way there! 
wow this pregnancy is flying by. it'll be june before we know it!


Lara said...

oh it is so fun reading this.. i really love that we are in the same stage [and gender] with our babies! I have been doing some looking around for cute little girl things as well. i hate all the animal onesies and general styles out there! We need to get together soon and chat about "where to shop" ;)

seriously call me if you ever need anything!

Lara said...

p.s. your baby bump is SO cute!

Stan & Ash said...

Awe I was the same way with girl stuff I didn't want a lot of pink. But I would buy all the cute blacks and Greys and all that for like 3 or 6 months up cause if she is anything like my baby girl bows do not fit her head!!! So I am glad I have classic girl stuff so people don't think she's a boy! I sending you an email for the cutest store ever! You will find lots! It's where I got Winnies sleepsacks, which she lives in....
I am excited for you guys and can't wait for her to get here!

Stan & Ash said...

Oh and baby gap has super cute girl stuff! The best place to get her some cute skinny jeans!

Kim said...

I totally agree with you on the pink situation. I love purple and gray together. If and when I have a little girl she is going to have a darling nursery in purple, gray, black, and white. Hope you start feeling better soon!

Katie said...

Hooray a girl!! I forgot to change your blog to the private section on my blog so I didn't know you updated. You will LOVE having a girl. How exciting you'll have one of each! I loved having a big brother just older than me. We played with eachothers friends when we were younger (ok I tagged along after his...but he let me) and then were good friends in high school and college.

Karly said...

well then you probably don't want any of olivia's clothes because she has soooo much pink stuff! Your baby bump is SO DARN CUTE! I love that you get big right away. I was in that weird chubby phase for like 5 months, and that whole time I was just wanting a big belly. So remind yourself, it could be worse!

Kjerstin said...

I'll admit, I do have the same motto, but Reagan does have pink clothes although they are more like hot pink that I pair with navy, brown or grey AND I do a lot of purple too with grey and brown. I'm still looking for more great stores too, I mainly find pieces here and there. Oh! I hope you'll buy her some grey baby converse shoes, they are adorable!!

Shannon said...

Janie and jack. They have the cutest stuff, classic looking, but its pretty expensive. They have really good sales though and most of their final sale items are 0-3 months and 3-6. and they have a store at fashion place mall. Congrats! It will be so fun to have one of each!

Sarah Nelson said...

I REALLY need to check blogs more often! First I see that Brittany is pregnant and your comment to her made me realize you knew what you were having already! So I jumped over to your blog and it's a girl! Yay! I'm so excited for you! I had them in the same order and let me tell you, it was hard to get out of the boy section of clothing! I was too used to shopping there. But now I love every minute of it and love how well my kids play together (some of the time... ha ha). Good luck! Hope you're feeling well!