Friday, May 20, 2011

how different can two pregnancies be?

i haven't posted a ton about all the details of this pregnancy. this post may not be very intriguing to many of you especially since there aren't a ton of pics for me to share. maybe i'll throw a few in there just because i like to look at pictures on blogs.

i'm not sure if the main difference in my pregnancies is having a boy vs a girl but if it is i prefer carrying a male.... most of all i'm grateful i'm healthy and so is the baby but i have had my far share of unfortunate issues.

first, back two months ago i kept having shortness of breath and tightness in my chest. long story short i ended up in the er for 6 hours being monitored and having a chest x-ray to make sure i didn't have any blood clots in my lungs. they were concerned about me having a pulmonary embolism. everything turned out be just fine, which was a huge relief.

next, i started to feel like i wasn't growing at the same rate i did with steele. i had taken pictures all throughout my pregnancy with steele so i knew how big i was with him. i even took this picture at 31 weeks which validated my concerns because at 31 weeks this pregnancy i measured 38 inches around.

 i told my dr my concern so he sent me to have an ultrasound to make sure she was growing properly. this is when i'm told that my fluid levels are low. she is measuring fine which is a good thing but the dangers of low fluid levels are concerning. they tell me i need to drink drink drink and i continue to have ultrasounds every other week to check fluids. they started to look a bit better after a month.

yesterday i went in for one of these ultrasounds. the news wasn't good. my levels had gotten lower and i was sent over to labor and delivery for a non-stress test.
good news is that she is doing great.
bad news, she is breach. 
i knew that she was breach because of all the ultrasounds and her head is literally a huge lump bulging from the top of my stomach at all times. i wasn't too concerned. normally this wouldn't be a big deal since i have about 5 weeks left for her to turn. the problem with the low fluid levels is that she doesn't have as much space to flip. another problem is she is already dropping. she is getting lower and lower which means she is getting nice and comfy right where she is. which is a BAD place for her to be. the nurse in labor and delivery {i love jill- she is one of the best ones over there} told me that they will send me over to the perinatologists at utah valley at about 37 weeks to have them flip her. the problem with my fluid level is that it is so low that they may not even try to flip her. because there is not enough space for the cord to move freely the chances of putting her into distress might be too great. the result if that happens....c-section.

can i just tell you that i am completely terrified of a c-section. i don't care how painful flipping her may be. i just DO NOT want a c-section. we live on the third floor our condo so i can't even imagine the recovery.... and not just all that but i love LOVE labor and delivery. it was one of the most rewarding, spiritual experiences of my life. i want more than anything to experience it again, especially because this may be my last time being able to go through it.

so now we pray. pray that she does some miraculous stunt and back-hand-springs her little head straight down where it should be. i'll keep you posted. i now will have an ultrasound weekly to check her fluids. i'm going to be soaking in my tub twice a day and drinking my little heart out. wish me luck.

as for some pictures that i promised.......
can we have the nice weather back.....PLEASE!
{tulip festival}

{first summer pool outing at grandma whites}

{belly at 32 weeks}


danny.des.jack said...

Oh Emily, hang in there!!! I just had my second c-section...not super fun, but do-able (?) for sure! I hope for your sake she flips, but if she doesn't and you need ANYTHING at all (questions or concerns answered) feel free to ask!!!

Karly said...

EMILY!!! I am so sorry!! We will start praying for her to flip too. Labor and delivery WAS the best. She will be born right before we come. hopefully I can come see her soon after I get there. CANT WAIT!!!

Stan & Ash said...

So I haven't had it any other way but I truley loved my c section. I was up and walking that day and off my pain meds the next. If you get one just ask them to make the incision(sp) as low as they can and you will have not problems. It becomes painful when they do it higher by your ab muscles. It is a magical experience still. And I got to hold her right after and then when while they stitched me up they were checking her and I got her right after that. It was seriously like 10 min. So I hope you get the delivery you want but if not, it really wasnt that bad!! Like DES said if you have any questions let me know!

We had to do all the non stress tests and what not with Winnie that's partly why I had a c-section. I remember the anxiety they bring! I am so glad that she is healthy and doing ok!!! I think that girls are harder to carry because they start being so dramatic right from the womb!

You look great your swimsuit is adorable!! I am so excited for her to get her! Little girls are seriously so much fun!

Holler for the worlds longest comment!

Stephen and Ileana said...
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Stephen and Ileana said...

Emily don't lose hope!! My second daughter (Abby) was breach at 34 weeks and flipped all by herself by the time I delivered her. Praying the same thing happens for you!

PS-Steele is just to cute :)

The Colvins said...

I hope your little one turns for you and you can experience labor and delivery again...I totally agree that it is one of the coolest experiences! Have you looked heard of did my childbirth class through them and totally loved it. They have an mp3 download called 'turn baby turn' that people say they have had success with turning their babies (and it's a lot less invasive than having them turn her manually). You might also want to consider talking to a reflexologist--they might be able to help you get her to turn too. I wish you luck and I'll remember you in my prayers...may you and your baby be well!!

Colby and Hilary said...

How stressful!! Nixon was breach as well. They would have done a c section but I begged them to try and flip him. I too LOVE the labor and delivery part and would have been devastated to have a c section. I went in and they tried forever and finally got him flipped. SO painful but SO worth it!! I have to have nst's the last 10 week of both pregnancies. So not fun!! THinking of you! Hope it all works out!! And from what I hear c sections aren't as bad as they appear;)