Friday, May 27, 2011

from the age of two

i've been wanting to write down all the funny things steele has been saying lately but it is so hard for me to remember them all. i usually text brett and tell him when it's really funny. steele is one of the sweetest little boys and his innocence is something i try to cherish. he talks in full sentences and says things that blow my mind all the time. he picks up on the littlest things and leaves me thinking "where did you get that?"

there are a few things steele is crazy about..... but most of all he loves my hair. well anyones hair for that matter. he will ask me to "play" with my hair. even when i'm in the passenger seat of the car he will say "lay down mommy, play with hair". he even will say "mommy's hair up. no play mommy's hair". i won't let him play when it's up because he'll pull it completely out. he knows now that it's off limits when it's up. it's a habit we're going to have to break because he's becoming obsessive.

a daily conversation i have with steele is what will happen when sister comes out of mommy's belly. we talk about going to the hospital and the doctor will take her out. the first time i told him this he said "and steele get sucker?!" because at each of my appointments he gets a sucker from one of the nurses. i told him that yes he would get a sucker when sister is born.

we talk about how he'll get to hold her and kiss her. i want to get him saying this on camera because it is one of the cutest things ever. he rocks his arms like he's holding a baby and says "i hold her and kiss her". we also talk about how it will be sister's birthday and we will have a party for her. i don't know if the hospital will allow candles but i want to have cupcakes with candles when she is born. steele loves birthday parties and loves to blow out candles! i want to make it fun and exciting for him and make sure he feels involved.

names have been a SERIOUS struggle this pregnancy (we are making progress but she won't have a name until she is born). i am always asking steele what we should name sister and have him say the few names we like. one day we were in the tub and i asked him what sister's name should be. he replied "name sister funny!" and ever since he will say that her name should be "funny". no worries, that name hasn't made our list.

another really hilarious story about steele; a few weeks ago we were sitting on the couch watching sister move in my belly and talking about how she has eyes, arms, toes ect. just like steele does. he then asked "sister have a wiener?" i about died laughing inside but simply said "no girls don't have wieners....and sister is a girl. only boys do." i really couldn't stop smiling.

i just love getting a sneak peak into his mind every day. i can tell he will be such a loving big brother to his sister. once steele even brought his beloved blanky over to my belly and laid it over the top and said "there you go sister". i'm so excited for them to meet. birth day will be a very special day for our family. as it gets down to these last few weeks i feel a lot of gratitude for the opportunity to experience pregnancy again. it is such a miracle seeing a little 8 cell embryo transform into a little person. i can't believe we will have two children when we were once told we may never have any. what a blessing!

{update: my fluid levels went up at my ultrasound yesterday! i have another appointment on tuesday and then we will discuss scheduling a date for the lil miss to be flipped. we're praying my fluids will stay where they are so they can at least give it a shot.}


preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Hahahaha! Oh my gosh, haha, the wiener thing is TOO funny. I'm glad you shared that story, that's hilarious.
I think I need to talk about it with Cohen more, but for some reason I just don't think he gets it at all? Maybe he does though. We've talked about his "baby brother" with him quite a bit, but not near in as much detail. Steele and Cohen really would be such good friends though :) We'll probably be moving down there toward the end of summer.... so we'll have to let our boys hang out!
I'm so glad your levels went up, and just hope that they can flip her. You will be in my prayers Emily!!!

Lara said...

A wiener? haha. He is so adorable! I'm getting so excited for these babies to come! I can't wait to see your little girl! We really do need to get together soon.. I'm probably going to start hibernating in a couple weeks ;)

You're in my prayers, I really hope they will be able to flip her so you can just have a normal delivery. You deserve it! It really is such a special, sacred thing. The cupcake idea is really cute, what a fun way to involve Steele.

Colby and Hilary said...

yay! your levels went up! great news!! of course you can send me an email!! anything i can do to help!! i will answer any questions!!! So excited to see your little girl!

n.davis said...

Haaha, he is so sweet. I love how precious he is to her already. What a sweetheart. I hope everything goes well, and that she flips soon. I can't wait to see her and seeing her awesome style. ;)

Stan & Ash said...

Haha what a funny little boy I am sure it is so funny and amazing to watch the little wheels in his head spin and see what he comes up with!
Aww names for us were so hard I feel the pain!
I'm so glad you fluids are looking good so will be crossing my fingers for you that it all works out!