Thursday, June 23, 2011

life is beautiful

beautiful newborn portraits by the talented nikki
she really is amazing. a giant thank you nikki.

{this chair used to be my grandmother mutey's. had to use it.}
 {sneak peak of her crib bedding....more to come of the nursery.}
 {soft and simple}
 {little miss princess perry}
 {vintage glam girl}
 {a mother's touch}
 {poor girly....}
this shot didn't work out but i had to post how cute she looks even when she is sad...

can't begin to explain how precious this little girl is. 
i find myself describing her as precious most often.
she just is. her soft skin & quaint breaths.
i love holding her close and humming on her cheeks.
she gets lots of kisses from us all. 
i adore her. can you tell?

her two week appointment was yesterday.
steele was very concerned when she got her heal pricked. 
she is still very tiny. well tiny to me. a good size though. 
perry is very different from steele in the size department.
at his two week he had gained over a pound. 

when we left the hospital little perry had dropped to 6 lbs 15 oz.
she is now 7 lbs & is almost back to her birth weight of 7 lbs 3 oz. 
she doesn't eat the way steele did. but she also doesn't spit
up the way he did. this is a nice change! 
i don't have to have a burp clothe under her chin every feeding. 

as for her length....i knew they measured her wrong in the hospital. 
i've said that from the beginning because she is 
very long and skinny. long arms, long feet and very long legs. 
at her appointment she measured 21 inches! 
i'm pretty sure she didn't grow 2 inches in 2 weeks. 
the dr said it's common for infants to be incorrectly measured at birth
because they don't like to be stretched out after being in the womb. 

so there you have it. at two weeks the little bean is; 
7 lbs {30%}
21 inches {80%}

i have a load of pictures of steele and his sister. 
that will be my next post... along with the past two weeks at home. 
i'm feeling almost 100% now and healing very well.
we are all doing good and loving life.



ChloƩ said...

emily! these pictures are amazing!! she is so beautiful! i love her! i hope you are doing great and that you have a great birthday coming up! :)

stuartandbrittney said...

She is sooooo cute!! I'm so glad that you have recovered well.

kylee said...

what a gorgeous little baby you have. ps i love that you do that brady pre-blog. helps me stay caught up on your cute blog!

Emily Frame said...

there's nothing like a peaceful newborn is there? love her name, too!

muffytootles said...

she is so cute, and I can't wait until we get back and I can come see her again!

Colby and Hilary said...

such an adorable baby girl! glad you are feeling well!! yay for babies. i am totally jealous. i could have a brand new baby everyday.

Stan & Ash said...

Oh I am in love!!
Little girls really are so precious! Everyjing about them from their sneezing to cooing is just so light ad delicate!
She is so cute!! I love all her headbands! I am sure you are loving dressing her up!
I am sad we don't live there anymore so her and Winnie can be friends! Next visit maybe we should introduce them!
Can't wait to see more!

Karly said...

OH I can just hear the noises she is making!! I LOVE your style. so darling

Jeff and Kayci said...

She really is precious! I think it is the difference between boys and girls-even though I don't have a boy yet...:) I love the shots and all the accessories! That is one thing I'm going to miss this time around. I'm glad to hear you are feeling well! Can't wait to see her nursery

melissa marie said...

oh emily she is precious! and her name just suits her perfectly, and you. you have great style. good luck with your new sweetie!