Monday, June 6, 2011

fat face

{picture taken 12 days ago at 36 weeks}

brett tells me i'm not fat, i'm just pregnant.
& that there IS a difference.
this is true & i need to remember that in only a
few weeks my body will be mine again.
i'm grateful for my fat face, stretch marks & swollen extremities.
really, i am.  

the thought of not being pregnant any more makes me
both sad & happy at the same time.
i'm ready for my body back but i love being pregnant.
there is something so miraculous about a little 8 cell embryo
growing into a fully developed tiny person inside of you.

she is moving like crazy & i love when i can show
other people when my stomach is about to burst open from movement.
their face is alway priceless.
shocked that there really is something causing
my stomach to become deformed for 9 months.

i'm anxious for the next few weeks to go by but am even more
unsettled about what is happening bright & early tomorrow morning.
tomorrow is the big "flip". we go into utah valley at 8:45 &
will pray my fluids allow for her to be flipped. & if they are high
enough, that the flip will be a success. if her vitals dip & she becomes
too stressed, they will deliver her by emergency c-section.
let's pray that does NOT happen. i hope i can be brave.

wish me luck!! and i'll keep you posted.  


Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

I am just now reading this and hopefully everything went well. Will be praying for you and excited to see how it went.

Kim said...

Hope everything goes well! Best wishes!

D'Laina said...

Good luck! They tried to flip Ethan (my first) no such luck, the cord was wrapped around his neck :( So I had a c-section with him. Either way you will be fine! Can't wait to hear what happened!

Stan & Ash said...

Oh yoi look amazing!!! And always dressed so cute!
I hope everything goes well! No matter what you wil do amazing!

Jeff & Kayci said...

I'm anxiously waiting to hear how everything went! My sister had to have a c-section today and I hope all went well for you so you didn't join her today:) We'll pray for you!

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

That's pretty intense Em! I hope everything goes good. You look adorable, and not fat AT all. Seriously, you look great! Miss you!

Jared, Heather Emmett said...

Well it sounds like she is here safe and sound and a good size too!! I can't wait to see pics and meet her! I'm happy for you all!

Mills Family said...

I hope all went well! We are thinking of you. Can't wait to hear details. :)

Keith and Charayye said...

You are so cute!!! funny, cause I like being pregnant to!

The Colvins said...

I can totally relate to how you feel. I'm so glad my sweet baby is here, but sometimes I miss being pregnant. I'm so glad all went well with the flip and your sweet babe is here!