Saturday, November 12, 2011

my world is...

this picture is me and steele to a tee.

look at his little bashful smile.
his coyly shrugged shoulders combined
with his "mom's going to tickle me again" smirk.
i can say my whole heart loves steele.
every mischievous bit of him.


 always wanting to squeeze his guts out and then kiss him to death.
asking him for loves way too often and he almost always replies "ok".
in love with steele's personality right now.
makes my heart melt into million pieces by the things he says.
he talk well beyond his age.
serious smarty pants on our hands,
but i'll refrain from bragging.

he also has become quite the photographer. 
i let him take pictures with my old camera now that i have a new one.
he's gotten pretty good. 
i can't help but laugh at the pictures he gets.

pretty good right?
love my steele wheeley. 
just wanted to make sure he got some love here too. 
i'm one lucky mommy!


Ashley said...

that is a gorgeous picture of you both! and what a little photographer steele is!

n.davis said...

Haha, love his pictures! He is such a sweetheart! Sophia and I just love him to pieces!

Jared, Heather Emmett said...

I love all of your posts. The Halloween costumes were AWESOME!!! I miss dressing up, I need to stop having babies close to Halloween. I have to say I think you should keep your hair long. It's too pretty to cut. (you're welcome Brett)
Cute cute kiddos.

Karly said...

Oh I love that picture!!! Steele was so cute the other night. We thought south Jordan was the perfect meeting place, the other night was so fun! We should meet there again soon, Ted thinks next time we should leave the kids with sitters :). I am up for whatever.

Jeff and Kayci said...

I had to laugh at the pictures Steele got, we have been down that road with Grace and now Claire is there. They both manage to get the good ones of us in our garments...just be careful who sees his camera, I had to learn the hard way! ;) It's sure fun to read about your sweet family. Your kids are adorable and you are a fabulous mom! And I hope that you will be able to have more kids if it's in the cards. I know the Lord knows your heart and I pray He will bless you guys with the means somehow:) You are amazing, much love!