Thursday, November 10, 2011

pear pear, month by month five

this is my perry girl.
who do you think she looks like?
i think she has both of us in her.
i've never been a good judge 
of who my kids look like. 
they just look like them.

i love her eyes. 
steele's eyes were very blue too but 
are now a grayish blue with a brown center.
i hope her's stay this way.

she is such a sweet baby and
i'm trying to soak up every second of her.
i love the way she pulls me toward her
and gnaws on my face. i think of it
as her way of giving me loves.

she enjoys chewing on her binki 
more than she does sucking on it.
she is always biting down on 
everything and drools all over the place. 
i don't think she's teething yet but
 she sure has discovered her mouth.
anything within her reach is in her mouth! 

she is so talkative. 
every morning she wakes up so happy 
and just chatters util i come get her.
she is still sleeping about ten hours a night. 
can i just say how much i dislike the time change.
sure wish kids got the memo! 

i'm trying to start regular naps.
it is so hard because she still likes to 
take mini naps all day long.
and i love to hold her when she sleeps.
she is just so precious. 

i forgot to document her stats at four months.
now i've forgotten exactly what she was.
i can remember;
height 95%
weight 13lbs 14 oz

she rolled over for the fist time a few days ago. 
she did it over and over again. 
today i tried to get her to do it and she wouldn't.
funny girl. i love everything about her precious spirit. 
she really is such a special little thing.

love you pear pear!


Karen and Mike said...

She is so beautiful, I think she looks kinda like Jill! looks like you had a fun getaway at sundance.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

She is such a sweetheart! Such a cutie pie!

muffytootles said...

She is so cute! I think she looks more like you, I can't believe how big she is getting already!