Friday, February 17, 2012

starting to grow on me....valentines day

never been my favorite holiday.
i think it stems from never getting a carnation
on valentines day in junior high haha.
i'm starting to enjoy making it fun for steele.
we went to cheesecake factory with j&j the saturday before.
it was perfect avoiding the crouds...
oh wait, we still waited aprox 115 minutes. 
i don't get the whole telling you your wait in minutes.
anyway, we had such a good time. 
i don't know why i needed it so badly but i did. 
a kid free night of just shopping and good food.
we always have a good time with fergie and the juice!

brett sure knows what i like....
except i still haven't found the time to actually flip any pages.
gossip magazines are better if you have a pool to lay by.
and we all know with this crazy utah winter we'll have snow till june!

 on valentines day we decorated cookies 
and made a little package for aunt fergie. 
tax season isn't kind to CPAs so we went and 
surprised jennifer with a plate of cookies and treats.
i had steele just walk into her office
and say "happy valentines day!"

sugar cookies are for sure the best part of valentines!!
no, perry did not eat that cookie. 
all me.
can you tell who snuck most of my skittles?

since we had already been out on saturday
we decided to stay in and make a delicious meal.
chicken parmesan, grilled asparagus and zucchini, cob salad...yum.
i also thought it would be fun to eat by candle light. 
steele thought this was the best part of dinner!
he kept asking us to sing happy birthday to him.

 hope you all had a fabulous valentines with the ones you love, 
because we sure did!


kylee said...

i've never been a huge fan of valentine's day either. in fact, i used to despise the holiday. it's that whole not getting a carnation thing i think. junior high & high school really ruins that holiday. elementary school on the other hand, knows what's up. oh gosh i crave cheesekcake factory alllll the time. not only are their cheesekcakes to die for [lemon raspberry every single time], but the food is equally great! crossing my fingers we won't have snow in june. i fear the worst though. the fact that we haven't had any crazy snow storms yet worries me. we're going to get blasted in april & may. i can feel it.

Trevor Heidi McCoy said...

I LOVE LOVE steele's hat! You totally should have called us to come with you to Fergie's cause we made sugar cookies that day too! Love it when you post!

:: ashley :: said...

how fun! i love the magazine as a gift, perfect! we should totally do sushi soon! we are addicts.

n.davis said...

So cute! I am starting to like valentines day too..with a child it makes it a lot more fun! Ha.

Oh and loved that you made your valentine dinner by candle light. So so cute!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

how fun! Your hair is so long and beautiful!

poor perry girl, that is so sad she was sick!