Saturday, February 11, 2012

this little 8 months!

i'm back.
had to purchase more storage for the blog.
which i guess means i have done a pretty good job over the past few years.
it was nice to take a little month long hiatus.
but i still need to keep the blog current for the little bros on missions.

here are a few pics of my sweet, growing way too fast, pear.
she is developing such a vibrant personality and i can't quite describe how much i adore her.
most of these are older but i still wanted to post them.
she is about 6 months in most of them.

{i gave this one to my dad for christmas. i love it!}

and these three are just so fun!
esther is crawling now! 
braxton is scooting...
and perry, she is not interested in any of it.

{wish i would have swapped esther and braxton...}

can you believe how much they've changed?!
i think perry has changed the least out of the three.

i'll be back soon...


Karly said...

Oh she is growing so fast! Stop her! The pics were in the posts before, I probably did it all backwards!

Trevor Heidi McCoy said...

That is so crazy that she seriously looks exactly the same in both those pics. Her mouth and eyes are just the same. I LOVE HER!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Weird? You had to purchase more storage? I've heard of this before but never actually known of it happening. How have I not run out? Hmmm this is just so weird to me.

Anyway, perry is so so so cute. I'm so happy you got your boy, and girl. And she does look like she changed the least to me. How fun for the three of them to grow up together!

Excited to see you again thursday :)

n.davis said...

Oh my, so cute! I love your little perry girl, she is just adorable!

I'm so sad she is sick, so not fun. I hope she is back to her normal self soon. Love her.