Sunday, July 4, 2010

can't get enough

i can't get enough of the 60's look.
this look is a little over done but
i love the vintage flare it gives to a photo.

i also can't get enough of the little nugget in the photos.
i went on a girls trip last weekend {pics to come...}
and it was the first time i was away from steele. 

the hardest day for me surprisingly was disneyland.
when i saw mickey mouse i broke into full on tears.
i put my sunglasses on and pretended it wasn't happening.

then that night during the fire works they
played the song from dumbo about mother's
and babies and i lost it once again.

i know i know. i'm a total nutso to say the
 least but now i realize how nuts. i didn't even want
to stop for potty breaks on the drive home.
 well only for the 4 year old in the car..... 

i missed him to say the least....
but still managed to have a total blast with my
second family, my sisters/mother in-law and niece.  

when i returned home somehow my little boy started
talking! i can't even count how many new words he learned in
those 5 days. here are the ones i can think of, including the
ones he's learned since i've been home.

thank you
{anything that's hot he blows on to cool what ever it is off}
all done

the talking is so fun! every stage has just
gotten better and better. 

but hey, who couldn't get enough of this adorable boy?! 

{taken the day i left for cali}
now do you see why it was so hard for me to leave him?


Keith and Charayye said...

Ok so we are going on a cruise for Keith's dads 60th next year, and I am already having anxiety leaving my babies! So excited for the cruise but so do not want to leave them! I have NEVER been away from Vander other than when I was in the hospital having the baby and that was long enough for me to be away! I am sure I will have moments when I am gone! The Dumbo song you mentioned! I have sang that song to Vander ever since he was born! I LOVE that song!!! I sing it to him when he goes down for a nap or bedtime at night:) Steele looks so cute in his little pics Emily! Love the last one of him in the cart:)

Lara said...

ah, he really is the sweetest little boy. i just want to squeeze him. We really need to get our boys together to play! i love when they start talking, their sweet little voices could melt my heart! that picture of him in the shopping cart is priceless.

ChloƩ said...

a girls trip sounds fun but i can imagine it would be so hard leaving steele! he is sooo cute! and actually i did take your comment to heart about the house! i really did.. i guess it is nice to know that other people are doing this too, and it will be worth it! because if we keep renting i will just keep adding up the money wasted...and i will be glad we bought this house! even though we will be so poor! oh well! i feel blessed that we even have the chance to do this! anyway, your blog is so adorable really is! the way i got my header to go across the screen was by checking in the html to see the size of the header wrapper. the width of mine was 945 px, so when i went in to picnik, i made sure to resize what ever header or item i was making to match that width! maybe you have already tried that and it is not working, but if you need any help at all let me know! i can even go into your blog if you need me to, to figure it out! just let me know! hope you have a great day emily! thanks for always being so sweet to me!

{davis family} said...

he's adorable! we for sure will hang out and go swimming this summer, i'm excited to get to know you more. and sophie thinks steele is a hottie, she told me this morning. ;)

talk to ya soon!

Stan & Ash said...

awww...he is sooo cute! And i saw on a post that maybe some more ICSI is coming up??? If so congrats and good luck!

Carrie said...

Those pics are rad.

grant + brittany said...

okay. i have officially decided that you skousen girls make the most adorable babies. seriously.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

What adorable pictures! And that pic of Steele in the cart - haha I LOVE IT!